God of War and Inappropriate Sexual Conduct (NSFW)

Now that God of War III‘s come out, its sex mini-game has made its way to Gametrailers. Apparently, the game’s director Stig Asmussen didn’t want any kind of sex scene in the game at all, but when someone pointed out how much people love breasts, even digital ones, he relented and decided to make a GoW sex scene that “It’s not just you going in there, finding some
corner and having sex with somebody. It’s something that guides you
through the story. You get information and more than just a fluff
moment.” Here’s the scene, totally NSFW:

I hate to break to you, buddy, but unless some info-laden, character development-filled moment of humping got cut out here, this redefines “A fluff moment.” Hell, you even have two horny bisexual hotties for the players to watch while the mini-game is being played instead of a vase a rockin’ or a fountain — and it’s probably worth noting the mini-game can be played with one hand. Oh well. Digital boobs, everyone.

Oh, that was the video of when you fail the mini-game, because I laughed out loud at the look of horror on the two horny bisexual hotties’ faces when you fuck up. It’s like Kratos started taking a dump all of a sudden in the middle of the fucking, assuming the ladies would be down with it, and they very much weren’t. If you’d like to see him “win the game” — which simply includes a few more seconds of the same digital tits — have at it. (Via Kotaku)