He Said Yes!

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And now we’re to be married And now Chris Evans is going to play Captain America in his movie, the Avengers movie, and three others — maybe a Cap sequel, definitely an Avengers sequel, and maybe a cameo in another Marvel movie? I dunno. While I think Evans is a little young — something Marvel was obviously going for, despite fellow Avengers Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr. getting close to 50 — I don’t have any problem with this. He kind of looks the part, he was the best part in the Fantastic Four movies (admittedly not saying a ton) and he’s been good in other films, I’m told. But most of all, for anyone who’s thinking about complaining, remember that casting Chris Evans means we did not get any of the below, all of which were rumored to be in the running for Cap at one point:

? Channing Tatum
? John Krasinski
? Dane Cook
? All of the Jonas brothers

…Evans is fine with me.