Nerd Burlesque Is Getting Weird

Last time the ladies of L.A. burlesque group Devil’s Playground did a Star Wars-themed strip show, they did a sexy Stormtrooper (yay!) and a sexy Jabba the Hutt (wha?). I certainly appreciate a sense of humor, but given the strong feelings we have about certain characters, it can be… jarring to have them suddenly turn “Sexy.” Long story short, Devil’s Playground did another SW strip show this weekend, and, well…


?This freaks me right the fuck out. Also this:


?It’s worth pointing out that there’s another underdressed young woman inside the R2-D2, of course. LA Weekly reports on the show here, and has a gallery of the above and more reasonably sexy Star Wars characters such as Slave Leia and a sequined Boba Fett, right here. I’m going to hang back, because these pictures are forcing me to ask some serious questions of myself.