Vash Returns for a Rumble in the… Er, Badlands

This is the new trailer for the new Trigun movie Badlands Rumble; while I’d assumed the movie was going to cover some of Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun Maximum manga that hasn’t been around when the TV series originally aired in 1998, it looks like this is a movie squarely set in the anime — actually, it looks like a Trigun version of the Cowboy Bebop movie, what with a mysterious new female gunfighter and a possibly crazy, powerful new antagonist. Even if it’s not the most original thing ever, I think it’ll do pretty well, possibly better than the Evangelion movies — in America, at least. Gainax pimped and whored out Eva constantly between the TV series and the movies for 15 long, fan-serviced years, so it never really went away. But Trigun had its one TV series and then nothing, so Trigun fans actually had a chance to miss the series. I think a lot of people will actually be excited that it’s back.