Video of Porn Stars Playing Dungeons & Dragons

I told you a few weeks ago about the truly fabulous blog D&D with Porn Stars, written by Zak Sabbath, and the upcoming tie-in show “I Hit It with My Axe.” Well, the first episode went online this afternoon at The Escapist, and seriously, porn stars playing D&D is such a fabulous concept that it needs to be shared with one and all, so I put the episode above. Sasha Grey guest stars, you meet the party, it’s all keen. io9 has a great interview with player Satine Phoenix, and Zak Sabbath has two fantastic posts on the show, one of which mostly consists of what D&D rules he’ll be using, with assorted gems like “Racial bonuses will be 3.5. Gnomes will be treated as dwarves, only
midwestern and possibly homosexual.”

So that’s all well and good, but I didn’t want the titillation of watching porn stars play RPGs make anyone ignore that Zak Sabbath’s blog is basically the best website on the internet. His thought on role-playing, corraling players, creating a fantasy world, the give and take of DMing is insightful, borderline brilliant at times, and always entertaining. Seriously, if you can read this post, titled “Conan Knew More About Cimmeria Than Howard Did” and not come away enriched, either about RPGs in specific or storytelling in general, I… I’ll just be shocked, is all. Read it. Please. I can’t recommend it enough.