Fan Fiction Friday: Harry Potter in “The Creepy House”


?Sorry, folks — there’s no way I can top last week’s ComicsNix’s epic, except with another ComicsNix story. They certainly exist, but I’d prefer to space them out — save them as special treats rather than just burn through them all. They’re to be savored, in my opinion. But in comparison, this week’s tale of Harry Potter entering a, uh… creepy house — written by someone named LovelyPair2, and suggested by TR reader m.ulyssea — may seem rather pedestrian. Such is life.

Harry was walking down a random street after he escaped Dudley’s gang.
It was a very eerie looking street, with old Victorian mansions
everywhere. One in particular caught his interest; it had rusty old iron
gates, with a padlock attracted. The house looked like maybe royalty
would’ve lived in it. It started to sprinkle, the started to down pour,
he didn’t remember how to get back to privet drive, and it was a good
excuse to look around the house. He climbed over the gates, and ran to
take cover inside. He walked around; saw the kitchen, living room, and
just a bunch of empty rooms. He opened a door and walked down to the
basement. What he saw made his eyes widened, there were a bunch of sex
toy looking devices down there.

“What the hell?” said Harry, but then he realized that they looked new,
so he backed up to the stair case, but bumped into something. He spun
around, and everything went black.

And as the saying goes, once everything goes black, you’ll never go back.

~~~~~Some time later~~~~~~

Harry shivered as he regained consciousness. He tried to look around,
but all he saw was black, but then became aware that there was something
on his face covering his eyes. He then tried to speak, but there was a
ball gag in his mouth, large enough to make his jaw sore and feel like
it’s going to break. He moves around as best he could and the only thing
that seemed that could move was his legs. It seemed that he was
inclined on some kind of table or chair.

‘Shit, what’s going on?’ though harry.

Harry seems to be taking the sudden appearance of a ball gag in his mouth pretty well.

He felt a breeze move down his legs,

‘Fuck, where are my clothes?’ harry thought terrified.

That seems more reasonable,

He felt cloth across his chest, go between his legs, and go between his
cheeks tightly. His arms were crossed tight against his chest. It felt
like a straight jacket. His cock was going through the front of the
jacket, and a pressure was around the base of this cock making him want
to come.

Ah, one of those special cock-jackets. I’ve heard of those.

“Poor poor Harry, here he is all bound up and has no idea what’s going
on” a voice said coming in front of him, a chilling hand lightly going
over his cock, and he shivered. Then the hand moved down, and over the
jacket, and found a hole where his hole was, a finger slid in
unprepared, Harry gasped in pain and started to shake his head. The
figure nodded his head and said “oh yes Harry, we’re going to have lots
of fun.” The man slid his finger out and noting Harry’s gasp.

Harry Potter and the Hole Where His Hole Was

He examined his finger, “We’re going to have to clean you out, and so we
can have fun.” Harry again started shaking his head, but the man wasn’t
looking. He heard something being rolled over to him, and his legs were
being lifted into stir-ups, and tied down. “I think a gallon should be
enough, have you ever had an enema Harry?” Harry shook his head,
“Hmmmm….oh well, here’s your very first one of many.”

Harry Potter and the Involuntary Enemas

Harry felt an ungreased butt plug ram into his hole which made him cry
out. The plug then was pumped until Harry exploded; sealing tightly so
nothing could come out. Warm soapy water came flooding in; the man was
rubbing his stomach through the pain. Harry started to cry, ‘it hurts’
he thought. “Don’t worry darling, you’re almost a quarter of the way

His stomach swelled, the jacket was beginning to grow tight, causing it
the ride up his ass more. “you look so beautiful, it’s almost over.” His
cock was at attention, and pre cum was leaking from his slit, “We’ll
deal with that later.” The water stopped, and Harry felt like there was a
watermelon on the inside of his stomach. The man didn’t take out the
plug, he just kept it pumped up.

My favorite part about this story is that it’s called “The Creepy House,” as if a house where some dude ties you up, sticks his finger up your ass and gives you enemas against your will somehow still qualifies as Scooby-Doo-level “creepy.” If I had written this story, it would be called “The Totally Fucking Crazy House,” but for this author? It’s merely “The Creepy House.”

“After I remove the plug you can release”, but he didn’t release for
what felt like a half an hour. As soon as he deflated it, Harry let
loose a stream of brown water, and lumps of shit. His stomach went back
down to its normal size, but he didn’t get a chance to feel an empty
feeling in his ass, because a finger was soon sliding in, then slid out
and the man seemed satisfied. “Now, we need to get all the soap out of
there so it’s not irritated.” Soon the plug slid back into place, but
this time Harry started to struggle.

Harry Potter and the Clean, Satisfying Asshole

The man cooed “oh, Harry doesn’t want to play, well I want to play, so
we will play with each other.” He pumped up the plug again, but this
time even larger. The water started to flow, however the water was
extremely cold and making his insides contract. Harry cried out after a
wave of pressure came at him. The man again started to rub his belly.
“You’re half way done,” after harry started to really cry and make the
blindfold sopping wet.

When the water stopped, harry held it for forty-five minutes, and again
order to wait until the plug was out. This time the water was clear as
it came out. The man was very happy at this, “now I’m going to examine
the insides with my speculum, don’t worry.” He slid in the cold metal
with bruising force, Harry cried out.

Yes, Harry. A strange man’s happiness depends entirely on your anus. Nothing to worry about.

He opens it as wide as it could go, and looked around. “good good, this
is going splendidly, however you seem a bit tight, so my recommendation
is to wear a dildo everywhere, and I have one right here just for you.”
His feet were untied and flipped onto his stomach, he was forced to
kneel, and his arms were still tied above his head.

Sir, I have some reservations about the professionalism of your medical diagnosis.

To harry it seemed the largest dildo he had was being inserted into him,
with ribs. Straps were being tied and looped into his jacket. Then his
felt that area around his hole get tighter. “I’m just sewing a hole up,
don’t worry. So the slack that was given by having a hole in the jacket
was going away, driving the dildo up even further. “Now, my pet we’ll
let you go off this chair, and you’ll be able to walk around the house
and outside if you wish.”

Wait. The largest dildo Harry had? Are we to assume Harry had several dildos, and the dildo Professor Enema just inserted was equivalent to the largest dildo in Harry’s collection?

Harry started to whine, “What is it pet?” Harry was thrusting his hips
in the air to get some kind of relief from his painful erection. “Oh
yes, that. Hmmmm…” the man loosened the ring, and started stroking his
cock at a slow pace, then began to speed up. Harry tensed and he shot
his load across the room. “That will be the last orgasm for a while, I
hope you know that” the man said as he led Harry upstairs.

Harry struggled and managed to get away, but tripped and fell, and just
stayed down because he can’t see and it’s not a good idea to run around
with out seeing anything. The man knelt down and pulled Harry across his
lap while he was sitting on the floor, and smacked him across the ass,
reddening his cheeks.

Harry cried out, ‘I wont do it again, please stop, it hurts stop.’, but
the man kept smacking his cheeks until they were a nice shade of fire
engine red. “don’t ever do that again, or I will have to punish you

The End! Huh. So that was a story entirely about Harry Potter entering a house — a creepy house, some might say — and a strange man giving Harry Potter enemas. That’s… that’s a little weird. But this week’s entry was a little short. Why, since we have some extra time, let’s take a little peek at another story of his, titled “Bad Harry”…

“Here we are” They were black restraints; James slipped them over
Harry’s thigh on both legs, and over his wrists. He attached the wrists
to the thighs. James tilted his son so he was only on the back, with
his ass in the air, he walked away and grabbed an overgrown doctor’s
syringe, but with no needle. He started to fill it with water and beads,
Harry’s eyes widened, “please don’t do this daddy”

“Oh, but Harry, I’m not your daddy right now, I’m your doctor and I
heard you’ve been a bad boy, and it’s time for your punishment.”

He walked over to him, pushed the point of the syringe in, Harry cried
out, and started to push down one the plunger. Harry started screaming
in pain, “p-p-please it hurts, I’m too full”, he watched as his stomach
started to distend.

He could feel the beads moving around. “You have to tighten your muscles
to keep it in or you’ll get more.” He did so and it kept coming in. He
cried out.

Finally it stopped, Harry was painfully hard, and his stomach was huge.
He whimpered.

“Now Harry, I know that you wanted to do this to some of those girls in
those magazines, so I’m just getting you a feel for it if you ever did
do this. Keep tightening please”
James walked away again, and came back with a cockring; he slipped it
over Harry’s cock. Then he slid in an a small wired net into Harry’s
hole. He helped him sit up, he held a pan underneath his hole, “you can
let go now”. Harry whimpered, he refused to let him self be treated like
this, as a dog.

James growled, he started to rub his stomach and pushing down on it
lightly until water came pouring out Harry cried out. His stomach going
down, but not all the way. “Please daddy the beads they hurt, take them

“No, they’ll stay in there until I say so.” He laid Harry back down,
unzipped his pants, and bent over Harry. “I will come in you so much,
you’ll look like your mother when she was carrying you, but don’t worry
you wont actually being carrying a child” Harry’s eyes widened. “Please
daddy” James tugged at his cock, until it was purple. “I need to come,
please let me.” “You need to learn you can’t get everything you want”

Like, do you want to not have your father give you an involuntary, extra painful enema? Because you can’t always get what you want, Harry. Okay. Weird. “Creepy,” one might say. Two stories entirely about Harry Potter getting enemas against his will, with plenty of description about the enema process itself. What a crazy coincidence that this fan fic author would right about this subject twice. I guess maybe he was just trying to refine his first story or something. Hmm. You know, I have a thought. Let me check another story by this guy, called “A mix of everything”…

 Next to the desk was a silver tray, and an assortment of instruments
were placed upon it. Snape walked over to it and grabbed a syringe. He
walked back over Harry’s pucker and gently slid in the tip, and pushed
down on the plunger, he got up and smirked at Harry’s face, but didn’t
say anything. He put that away, and grabbed the long black cord. There
was a pretty long flexible nozzle on the top. He slid it in the nozzle
first, waited then slide in another foot, and then waited. He repeated
the process until about ten feet were inside him. Harry groaned as he
felt the tube slide around inside him, it felt like a tiny long snake.
When he was done he flicked his wand and the liquid in the bag started
rushing in. He shuddered as he felt the warm liquid come inside his

At first it wasn’t so bad, but then cramps started coming, and he
started to whine and whimper. He looked toward Snape and pleaded with
his eyes, but all Snape did was smirk and rub his tummy. He looked
toward his belly, and if could have screamed he would have screamed,
because his belly was so distended. It wasn’t just his lower stomach; it
started just under his pectorals. It made him seem like he had a beer
belly, but he definitely did not.

He looked frantically at Snape then at the bag. He almost sighed in
relief that it was more than half way gone, but like I said almost. He
was having the worst cramps he has ever experienced, his face was
burning up and he was sweating. Finally, the bag gave a gurgle and it
was gone and Snape clipped of the tube.
“Now when I pull this out, if any at all come out, I’ll go fill up this
bag and make you take more. Understand?” He would have nodded, but he
eyes told him that he understood perfectly. Before he pulled it out, he
went over to the silver tray and picked up a something that was long and
thick, but then not.

Snape walked back with whatever was in his hand, he showed him what it
was. It was a ten inch dildo, but it was shaped like a butt plug because
it was thick, then narrowed near the base, then thickened again. Harry
looked panicked but Snape was as calm as a cucumber. He reached the tube
and gently slid it out. Harry was clenching as hard as he could to keep
the liquid in. Snape stared at the quivering pucker, and the one thing
he wanted to do was just slam into it with his own cock, but he had to
restrain himself.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. One more story, “Baby Harry.”

Harry moaned as he was flipped so he ass was sticking up and his head
was by the feet holders. He was tied in this position. He felt a funnel
enter him, and felt a whole lot of water enter him. He cried out as his
stomach grew, until it was ready to explode. Then they stopped, they
shoved in a water bottle and set it so it would never empty, and rolled
him to the great hall, and went and sat at their tables.

Everyone sat and ate, and Harry was about to explode, until Draco came
into view, “does baby have to go?” He nodded, and the bottle was
removed, and he was set up against the wall, and over flowed water and
poop. Draco said a cleaning spell before any of it could reach his face,
and everything was right again. He walked over to Harry slide a hand
over his hole, grabbed from his bag dildos and other toys, he slid them
in easily. Harry cried out as two dildos came in, and a butt plug was
set in place. Tears were everywhere, until he couldn’t take it and
passed out.

Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this writer was obsessed with Harry Potter’s asshole — getting it cleaned, and having people stick as many stick in it — once it’s clean — as possible, such as fingers, dildos, buttplugs, their cocks, whatever. What I can’t decide if this guy hates Harry Potter and wants him anally violated, or is himself frantically masturbating while wearing Harry Potter glasses from the Halloween store and a feather duster shoved up his own ass. But I think I’m okay with leaving it a mystery. However, we do know one thing — DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS GUY’S HOUSE. Unless you want a brutal redefinition of the word “creepy.”