I’d Buy That For a Dollar

This isn’t the Super Terrific Japanese Thing. I think it’s terrific, it’s definitely Japanese, and it’s obviously a thing. I guess the debatable part is the “super,” since it involves two Japanese nerds playing Smash TV on an emulator while one of those desktop stripper programs plays on the screen. Technically, since the girls aren’t strip and just gyrating in a modicum of clothes, it’s safe for work, but as always, it depends on how your co-workers would feel about you watching underdressed girls pawing at each other while Smash TV plays in the background. I’m not sure why this video delights me so much instead of making me sad — I guess that if I really felt these dudes were trying to do something perverse instead of just making Smash TV more hilariously difficult, they would have picked something far naughtier; these sad, virtual faux strippers are obviously there more as a distraction than for their very, very low sexual appeal. Maybe I’m wrong. But I’m going to assume I’m not. Thanks to Sterling for the tip.