The Jonah Hex Trailer Makes Stuff Blow Up Real Good


The eagerly anticipated Jonah Hex trailer has finally made its way online, and it looks like goofy fun…even with its Wild Wild West vibe. Josh Brolin seems suitably ornery as the scarred antihero, and Megan Fox, well, it’s not like she’s there for her Shakespearean training. Elsewhere in the cast, Malkovich’s few lines of dialogue in the trailer seem to indicate that he is in full phoning-it-in mode. And Will Arnett is in this? Awesome.

Rumors abound that production on the film was troubled (reshoots were done late last year, probably involving explosions if the trailer is anything to go by). But the main problem here that could impact the box office is that Hex isn’t an A-list comic character. He’s great and has a nifty melted face and all, but that won’t get seats in theaters. Megan Fox in a corset? Way more likely to bring in the crowds. Thus the PG-13 rating that will alienate fans of the comic who were hoping to see some R-rated Hex violence. Expect the bitching to reach its apex when Jonah Hex is released on June 18th.