The Slave Leia Bikini Car Wash Company (Updated)

I try to make Topless Robot as girl-friendly a nerd site as possible. I know there are far too many nerdy places where the Maxim mentality rules, and all the comments are about which girls each commenter would and wouldn’t bang, I know TR isn’t perfect in that regard, but it is something that is important to me and something I actively try to foster. The reason I bring this up is this: ladies, you have my sincere apologies for this second, totally unnecessary post about the Star Wars Slave Leia charity car wash from this past weekend, because now I have video.

GUH. Gents, you may thank Chris Gore for this little gem, although I should point out he has more videos of cars being poorly washed here; also, Devil Dinosaur has some additional pics, including several of the Geonosis Padme. Ladies, again, my apologies. But seriously, GUH.