Wait, How Do You Make a Porn Parody Title of “Big Bang Theory”?

Don’t worry, this preview for The Big Bang Theory: A XXX Parody is safe for work. But it’s still immensely disturbing for several reasons:

? It’s a porn flick with a laugh track. I don’t know if the laugh track continues during the sex, but I both hope and fear that it does.
? The “Sheldon” looks and acts nothing like Sheldon. This probably wouldn’t be such a big deal if…
?…everyone else in the damned thing didn’t uncannily look and act like their non-porn counterparts. It’s kind of scary. Add the shocking accurate sets — I guess it helps that Big Bang Theory is a sitcom, which means the sets are easy to replicate — and that damn laugh track, and it just seems really, eerily real. Like you’d be watching CBS at 9:30pm EST on a Monday, and then right in the middle of some wacky plot about going to a con or something, the characters just started fucking each other. Unsettling. Impressive, in its way, but very, very unsettling.

Frankly, I was expecting Wil Wheaton to cameo any minute. Thanks to Sassafras for the tip, I think.