Now I Think the “M” in Metroid: Other M Stands for Madness

…uh… remember when I bitched about all the standing around and staring wistfully out of windows that seemed to fill Team Ninja’s (makers of Ninja Gaiden) new Metroid game? I officially take it all back. If you can sit through this 7-minute story trailer — it’s all in Japanese, although it does seem to give a lovely recap of the events of Metroid, Metroid II and Super Metroid (I guess Metroid Prime doesn’t count?) — there’s a video of Team Ninja interpreting the final fight in Super Metroid with all the awesomeness at their disposal, and as a result, it’s incredibly fucking awesome. Seeing the 16bit one-eyed space monster rendered in gorgeous 3-D, along with a giant Metroid and Samus… well, it made me wet ’em, and I don’t even care about Metroid. I don’t know if Team Ninja plans to go that retro with the entire game, or if this is just for a prologue or an extra or something. But if they do… wow.