Pow! Thrust! Fap! Slurp! Splat!

There’s a new, longer ’60s Batman XXX porn trailer out which finally gives us a first, shockingly SFW work look at the heroes and villains. Not that the original costumes were Stan Winston quality or anything, but Vivid certainly recreated them pretty much perfectly; I’m pretty sure the dude playing the Joker actually has a mustache, just like Cesar Romero did, since he famously refused to shave it to play the role. Unfortunately, even porn star Tori Black isn’t as sexy as ’60s Julie Newmar — who is, really? — but Lexi Belle as Batgirl has brought up a lot of memories of me watching the ’60s Batman as a kid in general and watching Yvonne Craig in that red wig in specific. Vivid even apparently bought or borrowed one of the surviving ’60s
Batmobiles, which is hilariously fantastic. That’s commitment, my friends. But man, I still really hope they don’t add the traditional “Pow!” sound effects to the fucking. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.