This Is a Fine How-Do-You-Do


?Looks like the nerd gods want to make sure you’re awake and ready for the week, and thus have provided these pictures of Hank Azaria as Gargamel from the upcoming Smurfs movie to make sure you have the proper jolt of horror necessary to get through the next five days. God, it’s so much worse that he’s smiling — it’s a look of “not only do I have a child locked in my basement and the cops haven’t connected me to the kidnapping yet, but I have another kid in my trunk as a back-up.” Really, of all the unnecessary updates  and modernizations foisted on movies and TV shows and toys and whatever, it’s Gargamel that Hollywood decides to leave totally alone? Great. Just fucking great. If you need me, I’ll be seeing how my raisin bran tastes with gin instead of milk. (Via First Showing)