Bustin’ Makes Me Feel… Aroused?

To the not insignificant portion of Topless Roboteers who hate the rising popularity of nerd burlesque — this isn’t going to help. Epic Win burlesque — the troop that did that disturbing Batman burlesque show from a while back (disturbing in that there was a sexy reenactment of Barbara Gordon’s paralyzation at the hands of the Joker from The Killing Joke) did a Ghostbusters-themed burlesque show a little over a week ago. And while that meant a sexy Janine (awesome), a sexy Gozer (fine), and a sexy Dana in Gatekeeper dress (also fine), there was also… a “sexy” Slimer.

Yes, I am cruel enough to post a video of sexy Slimer shaking her ectoplasm and force you to head over to Asylum for pics of the other girls, including Sexy Stay-Puft. You’ll never look at the scene where the Ghostbusters are covered in sticky white goo the same way ever again. Thanks to Mr. Poopoopachu for the tip.