The 6 Best Videos from SDCC (That We Can See)

6) The Extended Goon Preview

Not that The Goon preview wasn’t marvelous, and not that this extended version wasn’t more marvelous, but technically a decent chunk of this footage was released before hand. Still, let’s not forget that it is made out of 100% pure, unfiltered joy.

Warning: The following page contains a video whose preview screen contains bare breasts, which the MPAA has found to cause cancer in rats or something. Also it’s NSFW.

5) Machete Trailer

A new, R-rated Machete trailer is released full of horrific violence… but also a small shot of boobies. On Saturday, a nerd stabs another nerd in the eye at SDCC. Coincidence? I think not.

4) DC Universe Online “Who Do You Trust” Trailer

Forget the MMORPG — hell, forget the game entirely. I just want to watch a movie where the fight between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom has exploded into all-out war. And I still can’t get over how awesome these character designs are.

3) The Walking Dead Preview

Docked only for being a crappy bootleg video. This show looks totally amazing. I can’t wait for it to start. Hell, I can’t wait for AMC to put out a decent version of this preview.

2) Young Justice

Hasbro didn’t show much from the new Transformers or G.I. Joe cartoons, but what they did show was trounced by WB’s Young Justice. It actually stars the Justice League, characters will die, and it looks somehow better that DC’s direct-to-DVD cartoon movies. Outstanding.

1) Tron: Legacy

Admittedly, I might be biased.