Oh, Piranha 3-D, I Think I Love You (NSFW)

There are only two video from SDCC that I’m still looking for non-bootlegged versions of — the Avengers teaser (okay, I’ll take any format of that) and The Walking Dead preview. But now I have to add this insanely NSFW, 9-minute, utterly bootlegged “sizzle reel” of Piranha 3-D. Why? Why bother to show you an asscam preview of a movie like Piranha 3-D? This is why:

Because this is nine minutes of the most insane carnage I’ve ever seen, sprinkled liberally with naked women. Hell, the piranhas don’t even do all the damage, thanks to stupid spring break patrons freaking the fuck out (I particularly enjoyed the woman whose hair gets caught in the boat engine, and has her fucking face pulled off). Seriously, if you’re at all squeamish about insanely graphic violence and dismemberment and death, I’d probably give this video a pass. The rest of you? You’ll laugh your ass off. (Via Blastr)