Why Is Weta Workshop Wasting Their Work on Darkchylde

Warning: The following video may show about a 1/4-second of a blue boob, and thus may rock your world with its horrible sexuality. Consider it NSFW.

Jesus. I’m not one of those guys losing sleep worried that The Hobbit is never going to get made, but I now have one problem with it — the fact that it allows Weta Workshop to do stupid things. Things like test footage for a live-action Darkchylde movie, based on the Top Cow comic that’s exactly like Witchblade but a little more demon-y. Really, Weta? There’s nothing else you guys can be working on? I know the Evangelion movie is never happening, but wouldn’t it be better to at least pretend to work on that, instead of fucking Darkchylde? It spells “child” like CHYLDE, for fuck’s sake. Bleh.

Oh, one other thing: The Newsarama article that has this video also says “The property [Darkchylde] went on to outsell Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman in both domestic and foreign audiences.” That… that can’t possibly be true, can it? In any sense? Anyone help me out with this?