Geek Girls Gone Vaguely Wild, Needlessly Controversial

I have my reservations about posting this new song from Seth Green, his new wife Clare Grant, and three of her attractive friends, and not because it’s another “nerd girl” parody of Katy Perry’s “California Girls” (God help me, I refuse to spell it “Gurls”). It’s because it has attractive women claiming their nerdery in various states of undress, which is going to result in the same three types of comments it always does:

? The erroneous belief that attractive girls can’t possibly be nerd girls
? The controversy over why attractive nerd girls inevitably need to be naked (or nearly so) while proclaiming themselves to be nerd girls
? And, of course, the always welcome comments from guys claiming that the attractive girls are actually not attractive, and that they would never fuck them, even though that’s a lie and they’d never, ever have to make that decision anyways

I’d love to avoid all that shit, but I know better. Just try and keep it reasonably classy, please. And I will say one thing — I actually have a lot of friends who hang out with Seth Green and assure me that Clare Grant is indeed a nerd of the highest order. I can’t speak for her three friends, but my guess is that Clare probably didn’t seek out her three least nerdy pals to star in her nerd girls video. Just sayin’.