The Avatar Porn Has Me Feeling Blue

hustler avatar 12.jpg

?Not “blue” as in “I’d like to have sex with people painted blue.” “Blue” as in “extremely depressed.” It’s not that I blame Hustler for making an Avatar-themed porn flick — filmed in 3-D, of course — that’s like blamin’ the birds for flyin’, the fish for swimmin’, and the childrens for laughin’. It’s what they do. I’m just sad that there are some people who really, really want to see the grown-up Smurfs from Avatar fuck each other. I mean, look at that girl up there. She’s a porn star, presumably; I can’t tell which one because she’s got cat make-up on and has been painted blue. One would assume that’s she’s reasonably attractive, given her profession. And yet, who looks at that picture and is aroused? Or, at the very least, more aroused at the above pic than of seeing the porn star fuck somebody without cat make-up on? Obviously, there are people out there. It just bums me out, is all.

Also depressing: The fact that Hustler managed to recreate Avatar‘s stunning $500 million CG blue-cat-people with probably $500 of blue body paint and latex prosthetics, and they don’t look an iota worse than Cameron’s versions. Hell, they actually look less goofy. Thanks for really pushing that envelope, Jimmy.

There’s a larger cast pic after the jump, although it contains a solitary blue nipple. You’ve been informed/warned.

hustler avatar 13.jpg