World’s Finest (Pornography)

Please note that I am merely referring to the fact that these two otherwise unrelated porn flicks star Batman and Superman, who are often referred to together in DC Comics lore as the World’s Finest, and I actually have no idea if either movie will be the world’s finest pornography, nor would I even know how to judge such a distinction. That said, I’m guessing that Axel Braun’s Superman XXX parody will be closer to world’s finest; Braun made the shockingly-accurate-to-the-’60s-series Batman XXX movie, and it looks like he’s doing the same thing for the 1978 Richard Donner Superman flick, right down to Gene Hackman’s ridiculous Lex Luthor toupee. See for yourself in the safe-for-work, behind-the-scenes clip above.

Meanwhile, hit the jump to see the trailer for BatFXXX, a feature-length porn by some new company called Bluebird, which looks pretty awful in terms of accuracy to any kind of Bat-mythos. On the other hand, it does seem to have scores more top-heavy girls crowding the set, including a female Robin. I’m sure that will help with the fuck scenes, but I don’t know how many comic fans will be able sit through that awful Joker performance, no matter how many naked girls are coming up. (Via io9 and Bleeding Cool)