Fan Fiction Friday: Rogue and Lady Death in “Slutball”

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I hope you have some time on your hands this afternoon, folks, because this might be the longest FFF I’ve ever run. It’s a not-so-little tale from an author who calls himself Omega Phallic, which should tell you a lot about what you need to know. I don’t really want to spoil anything else, so ladies and gentlemen, get ready to enter the world… of Slutball.


“Damn it!” Rogue cried as something snapped around her neck. It was one
those collars that stole her powers away, only this one was different.

It acted like a heat-seeking missile, blasting through the air till it
around Rogue’s neck. Rogue was busy with a dozen ones like it, when it
her from behind.

Rogue clawed at it futilely as she dropped like a rock. The defences on
collar zapped her, but as she fell into unconsciousness, she realized
that she
wasn’t going to drop to her death. Whoever was behind this had placed a
net to
catch her.

Slutball Prologue over! Slutball begins more properly after the jump!

Blue Zone

When Rogue woke up, she found herself in some kind of Gladiator pit.
around she saw thousands of fans cheering her as she got up and dusted

Ten feet to her right side, Rogue saw Lady Death getting up and onto
her feet
as well. At the other end of the stadium Rogue saw Sabertooth and Toad
at the ladies, an evil look in their eyes.

“Hello puny beings!” a strange voice announced, as a face appeared on
jumbo tron. Rogue recognized the face and voice as Howard Stern’s evil


Actually, wouldn’t that just look like Howard Stern? How does Rogue know it’s his evil twin?

“My ‘Brother’ Howard Stern would have you think he’s the King of all
Media, but witness this, Gladiatorial rape matches between heroines and
celebrities and villains! The student has become the master!”.

I actually think Stern would have to agree with that.

The evil twin continued. “These are the rules.” His face was replaced
on the
jumbo tron by a list of rules, which voice read out.

“Rule #1: the Sluts who enter here must go from their end in the blue
through the red zone, the green zone, yellow zone, the black zone, and
into the purple zone wear they must pass the chosen guardians and raped
fellow slut in order to get the key that will remove their collar and
the winner back to her world.” The fans cheered wildly.

“Rule #2: failure to play the game will result in pain.” To drive his
home, the twin active the pain inducing devices in their collars. Both
dropped in their knees in pain, the pain so great it paralysed their
cords so they couldn’t even scream. Finally it was over and both
resolved to
do whatever it took to win.

I liked Slutball better in the ’60s, when the game was pure. There weren’t all these namby-pamby rules coddling the sluts.

“Rule #3: the collar’s have been altered to double their pain
and quadruple their orgasmic sensitivity.” Rogue gulped at that, but the

“Rule #4: obstacles must stay in their zone, failure of this will lead
their becoming sluts contestants.” “Rule #5: the loser will have to
again.” “Let the Match begin!”

Wait a second. Where’s the ball? I call foul. You name a sport Slutball, I damn well expect there to be a ball.

Red Zone

Both Rogue and Lady Death started running for the purple zone, their
huge 38FF
tits bouncing in a way that would have made Baywatch proud.

If Baywatch were some kind of sentient entity which enjoyed large breasts and not, say, a TV show.

They pasted from the blue “safe” zone and into the red zone, which was
desert-like, filled with red sand. Half way through when things looked
ghouls burst from the ground.

They were very slow and Rogue was certain she’d pass them by easily
when out
of the blue, Lady Death trip her. “Bitch!” Rogue screamed, wildly
grabbing at
Lady Death’s ankle and tripping the bone white blond.

This gave the ghouls time to catch them both.

These sluts need to learn to work together; it’s one of the fundamentals of slutball.

Rogue was picked up first. One ghoul held her arms behind her back as
ripped her uniform off, allowing her tits to bounce out to the delight
of the
crowd. Rogue looked up at the jumbo tron to see a close up of her
defying jugs.

Meanwhile Lady Death staggered to her feet, but one of the ghouls
managed to
force her arms behind her back. Another ghoul yanked down on the front
of her
blouse so that Lady Death’s tits sprang free, showing Lady Death’s
nipples to the crowd, drawing applause. Lady Death looked up at the
sight of
her perfect creamy globes on the jumbo tron and in a fit of rage rammed
knee into the ghoul’s nuts.

You know what the funniest part of this paragraph is? The idea of Lady Death wearing a blouse.

Being dead the ghoul didn’t notice what had occurred. It and one of its
fellows just buried their faces into her tits, a ghoul to each one.

Hey — just because ghouls don’t have functional sex organs doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy breasts. Everybody loves breasts.

Rogue had been forced onto her knees during this and was getting
slapped in
the face by an undead cock. “Suuuck cccooockkk or yoooour luuncch
whhhooorrre” threatened the ghoul. Rogue took its cock in hand and
stared at
it in disgust, uncertain how to precede.

Why ghouls? Why not living creatures? I feel like Slutball is wasted on the dead.

Because of her powers Rogue was a virgin, but the collar kick in and
fed how
to info directly into her mind. Rogue started skilfully licking its cock
balls till it was stiff, before the ghoul grabbed her by her hair and
its cock down her throat. She choked at first, but the collar helped her

If you’re wondering why Rogue’s absorbing abilities aren’t affecting the ghoul, or if you’re wondering how a collar could help anyone suck cock, congratulations — you have been ruined by FFF.

Rogue slurped greedily on its cock, the collar causing her own body to
her. Rogue looked to up to see a split screen view of her blowing the
while the other half showed Lady Death’s tits getting sucked.

And people say there’s nothing on TV.

Rogue’s mouth was pulled off of the ghoul’s cock. “Beeeggg ffoooorrr it
biiitttccchhh!” the ghoul in front of her demanded, intending to
Rogue for the crowd’s amusement.

“Fuck you!” Rogue yelled. To make its point the ghouls hand touched
collar and pain exploded thru Rogue’s body, making her back arch,
her huge hooters even more.

So Rogue’s breasts are both gravity defying and thrusting. Ladies and gentlemen, I honestly think we’re supposed to assume her tits have jets on them.

“Aaaahhh, please fuck my face, fuck my tits, just stop hurting me
Rogue cried out. The ghoul took her up on her offer and wrapped Rogue’s
jugs around its green cock.

“Mmmooorre beeegginng!” the Ghoul commanded, Rogue degradation it’s
reason for existing. “Please fuck my tits, master, I love having my big
pillowy tits fucked, because I’m such a cock teasing whore, so I needed
you to
spurt your salty load all over them!” Rogue begged, knowing the
for disobeying.

Has any actually woman ever described her own breasts, out loud, as “pillowy”? I’m genuinely curious.

Cum blasted from its cock like a cannon, after which it pulled hard on
Rogue’s nipple, twisting them cruelly to the adoration of the crowd.
looked up to see a close up of her sperm-soaked tit and the ghouls
torment her long nipples.

To both th ghoul’s surprise and Rogue’s, milk spurted from both
Rogue wasn’t the only one being milked.

To my surprise as well, since Rogue has never been pregnant and Lady Death is… well, dead. The fact that either of them are lactating should come to everybody’s surprise, frankly.

Milk creamily as her skin, flowed from Lady Death’s tits into the two
mouth. A siamese twin’s ghoul got behind Lady Death and rubbed their
against her, one cock for her ass, the other her cunt.

A Siamese twin ghoul? What are the odds.

One of the ghouls head stuck its foot long tongue into Lady Death’s
left ear,
while the other one took her right ear.

Lady Death screamed as both cocks slammed into her brutally. Shorter
came forwards to suck her tits so the twins could bend her slightly,
her by her hips and fucking her more cruelly.

Wait. Assuming the Siamese twins ghouls have dicks on a horizontal plane — which I assume they would  — Lady Death would need to be on her side so that they could simultaneously penetrate both her vagina and anus simultaneously. In which case her legs would almost certainly be in the way. Sir, I AM DOUBTING THE VERISIMILITUDE OF YOUR STORY ABOUT A GAME WHERE SIAMESE TWINS GHOULS DOUBLE-PENETRATE A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER.

The collar flooded Lady Death’s brain with hormones, till she creamed
on the
twin cocks double penetrating her. Sperm flooded her tight holes, till
dripped out of her, in response the ghouls made her lick it up.

Rogue unsteadily got to her feet, but a ghoul got under her and pulled
back down, impaling the virgin super heroine on its cock. A second cock
drilled into her virgin hole, forcing Rogue forward so that her massive
were smashed into the first ghouls face.

The first ghoul’s obscenely long tongue, licked, fondled, and squeezed
Rogue’s tits. Rogue was used to being able to fly, super strength, among
powers to protect her, so being the plaything of the ghouls came to
Rogue as
real shock.

Yeah, I’d imagine.

Rogue was normally unable to touch people, even when she wanted to, so
the two cocks pumping into her pussy seemed surreal as did the ghouls

Then it finally hit her and it all seemed real. Rogue’s feelings of
humiliation were unspeakable as she creamed on their cocks, her juices
down their shafts to pool on their nut sacks.

The hell? Do the ghouls’ testicles have some kind of basin in them for liquids to pool in? Because otherwise, that’s nonsense. Does this guy have any actual idea about sexual anatomy? I get the sinking feeling that his sex education consists entirely of Japanese hentai art.

Still they kept drilling Rogue till their cocks were sore, finally
filling her
up with a creamy filling. As Rogue was unimpaled from ghoul cock, Lady
was on her knees, with a huge dick between her equally massive jugs,
while her
tits were being licked and tormented by no less the a dozen tongues

To top it all off, nipple clamps were placed on her nipples and each
clip was
connected to her collar with a chain, so that the clamps could be
without setting the collar off. The same setup was placed on Rogue while
was forced onto her hands and knees.

A large rough stick was than cruelly shoved up her asshole while she
was made
to beg for the privilege under threat of worst torture. Rogue nearly
passed out
from disgust when they put a bowl of urine in from of her and was
ordered to
drink from it.

Rogue refused so the ghouls started hitting the stick, sending pain
through Rogue’s rectum. The pain was too much so Rogue bent her head
down and
started lapping up the salty golden nectar. Lady Death was made to kneel
opposite to Rogue and to drink from the same bowl.

So… are Lady Death and Rogue losing? Winning? I’m very foggy as to whether drinking a bowl of urine is a good thing or a bad thing in Slutball.

The stick was pulled from Rogue ass as the two gorgeous women, with
bodies, lapped up the ghoul’s foul urine.

The stick was replaced by a ghoul’s cock and Lady Death’s ass soon
suit, being fil with a huge cock too.

“Mmmmmakkkke ooooouuut cuuuummmm ssssslllluuutttssss” demanded one of
ghouls. Both women lifted their head from the piss and locked lips,
tongues fighting each other for control of the other’s mouth.

After her ordeal, making out with a sexy beauty like Lady Death seemed
like a
treat in comparison. Lady Death felt the same way and reached out a hand
squeeze Rogue’s tits.

Rogue less experienced sexually copied Lady Death, leaving Rogue amazed
how soft yet firm Lady Death tits were. Not that Rogue tits weren’t just
good, but these were the first tits other than her own that Rogue had

Unfortunately, both sets of tits were gravity defying and thrusting every where, so it was hard for the girls to grab hold of them.

Both Rogue and Lady Death felt their burning hot rectums cool off
slightly as
they were filled with jizz.

The ghouls pulled out with a plop and they disappeared to were ever
they came
from, just as quick as they’d popped out.

Rogue and Lady Death crawled to the next zone slowly, resting briefly
near the
edge to regain some measure of strength back.

So… who won the round? Who lost? Are Lady Death and Rogue even on the same team? And where the fuck is the ball?

Green Zone

Rogue and Lady Death had to get to their feet to cross the green zone.
algae infested waters came up just below their magnificent tits.

I’m surprised the ladies couldn’t use their gravity-defying tits to just hover over to the other shore.

The algae were so thick it impeded their movement. Both women were to
trying to move themselves that they had no time for cheap shots at each

Lady Death was nearing the finish line when she felt something around
waist. At first she thought it was just a weed, but then she was pulled
into the waters depths.

Rogue saw Lady Death getting pulled down and redoubled her effect to
get out
of the green zone, but she too was pulled under at the half way point.

Both exploded out of the water, 15 feet into the air, with a thick
around their waists.

Their screams were cut short as a tentacle/cock was shoved down their
Two smaller tentacles spread their legs as another tentacle/cock forced
its way
into their tight cunts.

Their shrieks of pain were cut off by the tentacle/cocks in their
mouths. A
two more tentacles/cocks joined in and bum rushed the girls, brutally
their bottoms.

A foursome of mouths/pussies/tentacles started sucking on their tits,
their milk and drooling spit/pussy cream.


The mouths/pussies/tentacles pushed the super heroine’s cleavage around
another cock/tentacle.

Tongues emerged from the tips of the cocks/tentacles to lick inside
woman. The crowd went wild.

To Rogue it seemed like there was nothing left in the world, but
tentacle cock
and the roar of the crowd.

Lady Death had been under the water for so long that she’d fallen
unconscious, but she was now recovering, to find herself in a
predicament like

The Ladies started cumming as the pussy/mouths/tentacles suckled their
adding to their already mind numbing humiliation.

Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to notice a theme in this story.

Tongue/tentacles sprouted out of the water to defile their bodies,
every available place. The tongue/tentacles even started spanking them
to the
amusement of the crowds.

Just when Lady Death found the humiliation too unbearable, she was
flooded and
hosed down with creamy sperm.

From the taste of cum, she could tell the monster raping her was part
because its sperm reminded her of soya milk.



I honestly don’t know what upsets me more; the fact that soy milk has forever been ruined for me, or that this ass called it “soya milk” instead of “soy.”

All but the tentacles spreading her legs disappeared under the water
and a
cock the length and width of a flag pole emerged from the water. It was
different from the tentacles in that it was as stiff as a tree, with
skin that
was brown and rough as bark.

Lady death was held upside down above, when she started plummeting
toward it.
Lady Death bent her head back and opened mouth wide just in time to be
impaled on the cock.

It entered her mouth and went as far as it could, before yanking her
back up
so that Rogue could have a turn.

This time thou, it was Rogue’s ass it impaled, before whipping her off.
women thought this was it, that death was in store for them, but they
the repeated impaling, their every orifice brutally raped and violated,
the cock fill Lady Death with sperm.

The real tragedy is that this is devastating my Slutball Fantasy Team.

Bored with them, it tossed them into the yellow zone.


The game continues after the jump.


Yellow Zone

They landed in the yellow zone, where they rested for a time, to the
boos of
the crowd. The yellow zone was made up of expensive yellow carpets, so
it was
extremely comfortable.

They even fell asleep for a short time, but were awoken by the feel of
on their back sides.


Rogue looked behind her to see Mystique standing behind her with a
whip. Lady
Death’s Dominatrix was Purgatori.

“Mystique what are you doing?” Rogue screamed, trying to protect her
tits from her adoptive mother’s whip, as Rogue rolled over.

An angry Lady Death charged Purgatori, but was dropped with a shot to
pussy from Purgatori’s whip.

“You have two choices, you can have your big tits whipped or you beg me
suck on them!”Mystique demanded cruelly.

I would think that would be a pretty easy decision for Rogue to make, frankly.

“But, but why?” Rogue asked, the sting of betrayal thick in her voice.
“Why? Why? I’ll tell you why! I only took you in originally because I
to fuck your brains out, you have the most magnificent tits I’ve ever
seen, but
that damn power of yours got in the way, well now there’s nothing
those huge globes of yours from becoming my playthings.”

Mystique raised her whip into the air so that it could come down
crashing hard
onto Rogue’s nipples. “Aaaahhhh!” Rogue screamed.

“Please, please, Mystique suck my oversized tits, I love it if you’d
and use my big jugs to slake your lusts Mystique” Rogue pleaded, hoping
would be enough to ward off another blow.

Mystique fell upon Rogue’s tits like a cougar on a goat.

What the fuck is wrong with this kid?

and suckled Rogue, who despite her best effort to the contrary, found
cumming, milk filling Mystique’s mouth.

I was about to ask who’s cumming, since neither of them in this scenario are receiving direct sexual stimulation, but then I remember this story is fucking stupid and I don’t care.

Meanwhile Purgatori had Lady Death flipped other onto her back and was
Lady Death’s ass with the heel of her high heel shoes.

A look of pain and humiliation crossed Lady death’s face, which was
heightened when she started cumming. Purgatori pulled her heel out and
in front of Lady Death. “Lick my shoe clean cunt!”

When I first read this story, actually, I thought it might be a crackfic; honestly, the fact that breasts are called “jugs” about half the time seemed to be a good indication. However, I think this story is just way too long to be a crackfic — this kid is obsessed with Rogue and Lady Death getting raped by everyone and everything, and he can’t stop writing new scenarios for it to occur. Seriously, we’re only barely over halfway through. And besides, you use the word “jugs” 25 times, you’re probably writing a crackfic; you use it 100 times, and you mean it.

Lady Death Lady Death started licking tentatively at first, but another
of Purgatori’s whip convinced her to show some more enthusiasm.

While Lady Death was being forced to grovel for the red skinned
Mystique was rubbing her huge jugs against Rogue’s, while an intense
between their tongues raged.

Just as Mystique started cumming, Rogue took the whip and decided to
get a
little revenge.

Rogue jammed the handle right up Mystique’s ass, the pain pushing
even farther off the edge, making her cum harder than she’d ever creamed


“It’s pay back bitch!” Rogue screamed as she changed their positions so
Mystique was laying on her front, unable to protect her back side from
Rogue continued raping her adopted mother’s ass, while Mystique futilely
to protect her ass from violation. After all the abused she’d had, it
felt so
good to be on the giving end instead of just receiving it.

“Please Rogue I’m sorry, please stop, it hurts!” Mystique cried out to
Rogue’s mercy, but her cries fell deaf ears. Rogue was determined to
hurt her
like Rogue had been hurt.

It was hard to shape shift while being violated so brutally, but
finally managed it. She took the form of Sabertooth, pulled the handle
from her
ass, and flipped Rogue onto her front.

Rogue struggled to regain control, but her cries were silenced when
forced her into giving the handle that been up Mystiques ass a blowjob.
Rogue’s ass was next.

Someone has got to sit this kid down and explain some things, among them that you can’t actually give inanimate objects oral sex.

Mystique decided to rape Rogue in the same way she’d raped Mystique,
instead of using the handle, she’d use the huge cock that came with the
she was in.

Rogue screamed around the handle being plunged down her throat when
rammed her “cock” up Rogue’s tight rectum. Rogue wasn’t the only one

Purgatori was ramming a bristle-covered dildo up Lady Death’s twat.
tears glistened in Lady Death’s eyes.

She’s been forced to cum on the painful sex toy over a dozen times,
made the pain twice as bad.

And after they’ve explained that, they should explain that while it might be technically possible to orgasm via something painful, it’s exceedingly improbable. And then make him stick his dick in a curling iron to hammer the point home.

When Purgatori felt certain Lady Death was broken to her will, she
pulled the
toy out and replaced it with one end of a double headed dildo. She put
other end into herself and pulled Lady Death’s huge jugs pressed against
Purgatori’s equally massive tits.

Purgatori started fucking Lady Death hard, her bat like wings flapping
excitement. Purgatori had dreamed of violating the creamy skinned tart
years and intended to make the most of it.

Purgatori’s tits were just as big as Lady Death’s so the four
melons meatily slapped together as Purgatori’s huge red knockers crashed
against Lady Death’s creamy gigantic jugs in a clash of the titanic

Sigh. Just… sigh.

Their pussy juice combined into a creamy puddle on the floor. “Please
more!” Lady Death pleaded, exhaustion racking her body, but every time
Death stopped fucking, or tried to flee, Purgatori brought her whip down
Lady Death’s gravity defying jugs. Lady Death wailed each time, but
fucking, fearing another lash.

Rogue whimpered into the floor as Mystique butt fucked the mutant slut.
“Humiliate yourself for your new master Rogue or else I’ll take the form
of a
horse!” Mystique threatened.

“I’m a dirty slut, I exist solely as a receptacle for cock and pussy, I
huge tits because I’m nothing, but a mutant slut!” Rogue cried out in
debasement, fearing that a horse’s cock would kill her.

Reminds me of all the summer’s of my youth, playing Slutball in the back yard with the neighborhood kids. Of course, we didn’t have ghouls or tentacle trees or anything, so we had to rape each other with things we found around the house. The cat hated it, though.

Mystique took the shape of a buffalo instead, and mounted poor Rogue to
cheers of the crowd. Rogue’s big tits bounced as Mystique fucked her
but still extremely tight twat.

First: Can Mystique really change into animals? Second: A buffalo? Third: Is a buffalo better or worse than a horse in this situation? Fourth: Really? A Buffalo?

Rogue came at the same time Mystique did, Rogue cry as loud as the
raping her. Rogue was sickened as Mystique’s sperm blasted deep inside
warm wet cunt, giving a Rogue a cream fill centre.

Missed opportunity. It would have been so easy to put: “Mystique filled Rogue with her ranch dressing, which she dipped her buffalo meat into over and over again.”

After cumming more times than she could count Purgatori and making Lady
cum just as much, Mystique and Purgatori switched victims.

Lady Death looked up at what appeared to be a Zebra, just seconds
before it’s
cock slammed into Lady Death’s tight ass.

Lady Death screamed, begging for mercy, but she still got the ass
raping of a
life time. Lady Death was already wailing from the pain as she creamed,
but her
cries grew louder.

Again: I am seriously confused as to whether Rogue and Lady Death are winning in this situation.

She looked up that screen to see her big tits swaying widely. Lady
Death had
never felt so violated in her long life.

Not even five minutes ago with the tree? Or 10 minutes ago with the ghouls?

Rogue wasn’t fairing any better. Purgatori was forcing Rogue to give a
to the bristly dildo, the roughness causing Rogue a great deal of pain.

But Rogue came from having a bristly dildo in her mouth, and then the dildo came too, because why the hell not.

Her ass was being spared as Purgatori’s double ended dildo was shoved
almost to Rogue’s bowls, the other end was in Purgatori.


Purgatori grabbed Rogue’s soft firm tit flesh cruelly so that she could
Rogue even harder and faster.

Tears trickled down Rogue’s cheeks as she came, her asshole raped and
ravished. Purgatori joined her in the multigasmic implosion.

Congratulations, fan fic author! You have made being brutally raped and sexually assaulted boring as hell. You should be proud; truly, it’s some impressive work.

Lady Death was creaming as well, but she was extra embarrassed because
it was
a Zebra or Mystique in the shape of a Zebra that doing the job.

One or the other! There was a regular zebra that likes to rape women loose on the Slutball field, so it would’ve been very easy to lose track..

Lady Death was on the receiving end of cum blast the left her bum
Zebra sperm. Lady Death was made to lick the Zebra’s cock clean, it huge
stretching her cheeks as wide as they would go.

It was than that the image of Howard Stern’s evil twin appeared on the
“To make things even more interesting I’ve decided that Purgatori and
are contestants as well, but there is still only room for one winner,
may the
sluttiest whore win!”

Are Lady Death and Roque tied at this point for sluttiness? They seem to have been raped an equal and equally degrading amount, But what about Purgatori and Mystique? Are they way behind on slut points, or have they been compensated for starting late? See, the author is just not giving us enough slutball information to work with. It’s almost enough to make one think that Slutball is less a game than an excuse for the constant rape of comic book characters.

Collars shot from hidden spots on the floor and snapped around Mystique
forcing her to transform back from Zebra form into her blue skinned, red
headed, big titted form.

Purgatori managed to dodge the first collar. She tried to escape into
the next
zone, but it held its own dangers.

Black Zone

Purgatori flew into the next zone, which was made up of some kind of
metal. A door slid open on the floor and a beam shot out catching her in

Purgatori dropped like a stone into the arms of one of the Borg. She
forced onto a cold metal table, tits down wards.

“Resistance is futile, you will be gang raped and degraded in every way
imaginable” the drone warned.

I remember when I was a kid and used to collect Slutball cards. I always wanted a Purgatori, but I always got Borg cards instead. Drove me crazy.

Purgatori tried to scream as the drone shoved it’s huge half machine
cock up
into her ass, but her scream was muffed by a second drone who shoved his
down her tender, but tight throat.

A third drone pulled a collar around her throat, before he extended and
twisted his mostly mechanized cock in such away that he was able to rape
big tits despite the fact that he was beside her and in no humanly
position to do so.

Remember how Slutball cards came with those sticks of gum? Man, that gum was terrible. You sure could rape people with ’em, though. They were hard as rocks.

The others watched the cold methodical rape of Purgatori afraid of
black Zone, but each knew it was the only way out.

They spilt up as they enter black zone. Rogue was the next to get
caught by
the drones. She was placed tits down on a cold and unloving metal table.
was noting compared the cold of the drone’s cock as it shoved its way
Rogues heaving globes.

A sexy drone female drone with all her hardware internalized, purple
ears like a Vulcan, and spots like a Trill, shoved one of it’s huge 42FF
melons into Rogue’s mouth, making suckle her for milk.

A cybernetic cock emerged from the drones cunt and it was forced down
throat. It had bristles on it and it brutalized Rogue throat in such a
way that
Rogue was left wishing for death.

Wait. Wait. Wait. The cock came out of the Borg lady’s vagina? Then why even have a vagina? Jesus christ, I feel like my brain is being raped as savagely and as repeatedly as Rogue and Lady Death.

Lady Death was next, but the drone that caught her wasn’t even
humanoid. It
looked like a cross between a Targ and a Moose that had been assimilated
by the
collective. It rammed it massive cock into Lady Death so hard that she
certain that she was being raped to her very soul.

A Moose Borg. Is Raping. Lady Death.

Let that sink in for a minute.




Last, but not least it was Mystiques turn. Mystique was captured and
placed on
a cold metal table tits down ward, its cold causing Mystique a great
deal of
discomfort and pain.

That nothing compared to the feel of a Borg drone shocking the biggest
Mystique had ever experienced up her incredibly tight ass.

Next a cock was shoved between Mystique’s lips, that metallic taste
jarring to
her senses. Her tits and cunt were filled too, with drone cock.

Here’s how bored I am by this story — the fact that apparently a Borg has inserted his metal dick into Mystique’s breasts does not faze me, upset me, or even interest me. AND HE’S DOT HIS ROBOT DICK INSIDE HER TITS.

As of that was bad enough Mystique’s powers weren’t completely turned
off by
her collar like the others, but instead was controlled by Howard Stern’s

Mystique was forced take the forms of dozens of different hot ands sexy
for the amusement of the crowds.

Oh, this should be good.

She took the form of Tyra Banks who’s big black tits jiggled
hypnotically as
she was fucked in every hole and crevice.

She took the form of Angie Everheart, the red heads face a blur as her
bobbed up and down on the Borg’s cock.

She took on the form of Pamela Anderson, who’s ass was rape so hard
Mystique/Pamela was certain she must be shitting in reverse.

It was after Mystique was returned to the form of Tyra Banks that she
her pop shot from all the drones that had been raping her.

Lesson: Never watch America’s Next Top Model with this dude.

They all gathered in front of the heavenly tart and unleashed an
stream of jizz onto her beautiful face.

If it wasn’t for the creamy constancy and the salt sperm taste,
would have thought they were pissing on her, because of the shear volume
jizz that was hitting her face, neck, tits, and even the small of her


Rogue meanwhile been made to swallow the cream chowder of the
Borg-Bitch with
the huge tits. Rogue’s huge tits were already cover with Borg cum and
two more
drones were violating her lower holes with a vengeance.

Poor Lady death faired no better, the Borg-Moose-Targ brutally fucking
her in
the ass despite having just given the poor slut’s cunt a jizz bath.

Is that like when teams pour Gatorade over the coach after the game?

Purgatori had it worst of all, having been made to service a dozen
drones, cum
dripping from every hole. When the last two Drones were finished, a
electrodes were attached to her huge tits and a single one was attached
to her

With out warning power flowed through them and left Purgatori screaming
pain and cumming in soul bleeding ecstasy.


It seemed to last an eternity or two, but eventually they were

Why they weren’t assimilated, Rogue didn’t know for certain, but she
that they were some kind of cyber mutation caused by the assimilation of
purple haired, big titted, species.

Yes, that must be it. Because everything has been so nuanced and in character that obviously there needs to be a fucking reason why THE MOOSE BORG DIDN’T ASSIMILATE THE CHARACTERS AFTER RAPING THEM DURING AN ELABORATE GAME SHOW PUT ON BY HOWARD STERN’S EVEIL MUTANT TWINNNNNAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHHHH

Purple Zone

All four jugarific sluts ran into the final zone, to fight it out for
final prize, freedom.

Toad’s tongue shot out to grab Rogue huge knockers and pulled her
close. Rogue
tried to get free, but Toad still had his powers and Rogue didn’t.

Mystique was being chased by Sabertooth. When he jumped in front of
Mystique drove her knee into his nuts, except that by the time her knee
he’d with drawn his cock and balls into his body for protection.


He then turned Mystique around, grabbed at her big tits with one hand
forced her arms behind her back. He then slammed his cock into her with
brute force of a wild beast.

That left Purgatori and Lady Death to complete for the final prize.
hit Lady Death from behind, knocking her to the ground.

What? So Mystique and Rogue are disqualified now? Why?

Lady Death could feel Purgatori’s monstrous sized tits against her back
defiant of Lady Death’s wishes, her cunt started to drool at the thought
what was going to happen next.

Lady Death screamed as a fist was pushed cruelly up her still tight
Hearing Lady Death wail in pain just excited Purgatori even more.

So is Lady Death disqualified? Why not? What the hell are the rules here?

She was going to be Satisfied until she’d caused Lady Death the ultima
humiliation and loss of control, making the hot bitch cum.

And Cum she did. Lady Death came so hard, Purgatori was knocked flying
off her
back. Lady death used the opportunity to jump on Purgatori, there big
squashed together, as Lady Death rammed her fist into Purgatori’s tight

There’s no point is mentioning again the author’s incredible lack of knowledge, but I would like to take a moment to recognize that if women could actually expel enough force through their vaginas when they orgasm that it could send someone flying across the room, that would be awesome. Or at least really, really entertaining.

Hearing Purgatori wail in pain was music to Lady Death’s ear. The
cherry on
top was hearing Purgatori’s outraged screams as Lady Death forced her to

Lady Death gave Purgatori a quick shot to the head, knocking her out
and raced
to freedom, with Sabertooth and Toad hounding after her, Rogue and
having already fill with as much cum as they could handle.

Seeing that Lady death had to much of a head start, they pounced on
brutally raping both holes to the cheers of the crowd, just as Purgatori

It was with a scream of exhilaration that Lady Death teleported away,
victorious, freedom and vengeance hers.

The end. Really. Tragically, the only reason I can think of for this epic tale ending so suddenly is that Omega Phallic finally stopped masturbating and was as bored with this story as we were. Of course, that means he was most likely frantically masturbating the entire rest of the story, and was likely shooting fumes from his dick by the end. Still, at least it’s over.

At least we all learned a little — very, very little — about the great game of Slutball. I definitely recommend joining a local slutball league; it’s a great way to keep in shape, with the exceptions of your orifices. And parents, you might want to think about having your kids join a slut-tee-ball league. It’s just like adult slutball, except they get anally raped with a baseball tee.