Super Terrific Japanese Thing (NSFW)

Please note the above video isn’t the NSFW one. It’s merely a video of two adorable bunnies in cups, and perfectly safe for anyone’s viewing. The actual NSFW STJT is after the jump, specifically a video with naughty computer graphic and sounds, along with the videogame controller that Japanese civilization has been leading up to for centuries.

Adult computer game make Illusion has made the… the… this thing. A videogame controller you play with your dick. Lest this concept prove too baffling, this video clearly demonstrates how such a controller might be used with a game — i.e., players can fuck a busty digital woman on-screen as they repeatedly ram their penis into a plastic cup. Thankfully, the person in the video uses a thin plastic rod to demonstrate the
controller and not his genitalia, otherwise I might’ve never stopped screaming.

Illusion says they have no plans to release the controller, which is utter bullshit. I give it 7 months before these things are on Japanese store shelves, and about 10 months before Japanese society collapses. (Via the also NSFW Sankaku Complex)