The 15 Hottest Nerd Costumes for Guys

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There are a large community of girls who cosplay on a regular basis and get a lot of attention for it. Rightfully so. But dudes who cosplay are a different breed altogether.  Some just want to wax nostalgic by standing inside a giant cardboard
Optimus Prime all day, while others feel comfortable enough to dress as
Spider-Man in head-to-toe spandex. Whatever the case, us cosplaying girls have been hogging the spotlight for far too long –and it’s time the fellas got a little recognition.

Every nerdy and Maxim-esque website on the internet has done a Sexiest Female Cosplay lists, including Topless Robot, who focused on the sexiest costumes more than individuals. In it, Rob promised that there would be an equivalent list of sexiest nerd costumes for guys — which I am now happy to present to you. Obviously, these costumes are highly dependent on the wearers’ having the right body-type — i.e., muscles — to pull them off, but that was also true of the women’s costumes. Also, there’s not a lot of regular superhero costumes, because in all honesty, spandex rarely looks as good on guys as it does on girls. Boys, no complaints about today’s list — it’s the ladies’ turn to sexually objectify you.

15) Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool

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Deadpool’s costume in the comics is your standard spandex fare when you translate it to cosplay, but the one good change X-Men Origins: Wolverine made to Deadpool was his outfit — my choice here obviously comes before the “WTF did they just do to Deadpool?!” moment in the film when Deadpool still had hair and a mouth and was played by Ryan Reynolds. But really, who knew a simple cut-off t-shirt and some cargo pants could be so hot? Of course it helps if you’ve got the biceps to go with it.

14) Starkiller

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When Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was released I kept wondering why the main character looked so much like that dude from Battlestar Galactica. Well, turns out it was the same dude, Sam Witwer. Not only did he do they voice acting for the game but they modeled the character to look like him, too. Barring the fact that I’ve chosen yet another cosplay based on their attractive source material, this really has to do with Star Wars and lightsabers — Starkiller’s costume is probably the hottest of males wielding the Force these days, since most of the alternatives are aliens or Darth Vader. I mean for god’s sake, the man has leather straps wrapped around his waste six times for absolutely no reason. Makes you wonder what you could do with them…

13) Superboy (Current Look)

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Probably the easiest cosplay on Earth, or any other planet for that matter. Just pop on a black t-shirt with a red Superman logo (sold pretty much everywhere) and jeans and, tada! You’re Conner Kent, who, as we all know, drives all the schoolgirls wild. Just be prepared for a higher water bill that month, as you’ll be washing the shirt a few times in order to shrink it to the size you were when you were 15. Otherwise, don’t bother.

12) Kratos

sexy man Kratos.jpg

?Any guy who’s willing to paint three quarters of his body in the name of cosplay is cool in my book. Any guy that actually has Kratos’ muscles can give me his number. When gamers first got the chance to play God of War and realized what an epic badass the main character was, it was inevitable he’d be spotted on the convention circuit. Even a few girls have put this costume to the test. But it’s the half-naked men I’m interested in, especially the ones with the rugged scar down their faces and wielding epic Blades of Chaos.

11) Sephiroth

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Every girl loves the bad boy at some time in her life, and for countless gamers that was Sephiroth. To this day he stands out as one of the best villains in the Final Fantasy series, as well as the hottest. You kind of have to be a pretty boy to pull this one off, though. And ladies, if you see a Sephiroth that’s too pretty, watch out because he’s probably a girl.

10) Blade

sexy man Blade.jpg


Sure, the Twilight clan may have killed a few vampires in their day, but they didn’t enjoy it. Blade eats that shit up morning, noon and night — and he does it draped in leather. You didn’t really see many guys cosplaying Blade until the first film came along, but there are a few who make it to almost every con now. Wesley Snipes upped the ante by striking a few kung-fu poses and swinging that kick-ass sword around like it was a golf club. Needless to say, when you spot a Blade who’s that flexible, it puts your imagination into overdrive.

9) Spike Spiegel

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Ahh, Spike Spiegel. Making cigarettes look (unfortunately) cool since 1998. Cowboy Bebop is one of the most popular Japanese series to blow up here in the United States, becoming the first anime title to appear on Adult Swim, which still airs it on and off to this day. Any girl will tell you, you can’t really beat a guy in a nice suit, and Spike wears his really well. Oh and, he’s a bounty hunter, so extra points for that. Keanu Reeves is potentially  playing him in a live-action film, if it ever gets made. Will that mean we’ll see more Spike costumes or less? Hmm, tough call. You decide.


8) Namor

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I’m mainly a DC Comics girl, so I didn’t know Marvel had an Aquaman-like character until a few years ago (and yes, I am aware Namor was created before Aquaman.) Then I saw a picture of him. Let’s just say, if I were a dude, I wouldn’t have been able to stand up for a few minutes. In a world where superheroines are usually dressed in as little as possible, it’s nice to see someone like Namor. It’s also nice to see someone dressed as Namor. As often as possible.

7) Any Spartan from 300

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Once again, I yield to the power of the bikini briefed cosplayer. 300 was successful for two reasons: 1) because there was lots of manly bonding and fighting and 2) because there were dozens of  half-naked, sweaty men on screen at any given time. It was heaven. I’ve actually seen a group of about ten Spartan soldiers together at once at a con, all ripped. Now I’m a little more forgiving when I see a fanboy who can’t stop staring at us female costumers. Bear in mind, gentlemen, when it comes to costumes like Namor and Spartan soldiers, things can go down a very, very bad path if you don’t have the body for it.

6) Chris Redfield/Leon Kennedy

Okay, technically I’m cheating here but seriously, I couldn’t make a decision. My original thought was to go with Chris since he’s the character I find most attractive from the Resident Evil franchise but my friend disagreed with me so I took a poll. Needless to say, RE girls feel VERY strongly about these two men. They each have several outfits but when you’re a RE enthusiast you can pretty much spot them on site no matter what they’re in. Both of them have their shining moments in the games and both of them have moments you’d like to bash them in the head but that’s just Resident Evil for ya.

5) The 10th Doctor

sexy man DoctorWho.jpg


I never thought I’d like David Tennant after he took over for Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor on Doctor Who but in a few short episodes he’d won me over with his quirky sense of humor and fabulous fashion sense. Nifty glasses, a swank pinstripe suit (with occasional trenchcoat) and a pair of Chucks made the 10th Doctor the man of my dreams… and a pretty simple cosplay to pull together. I know I’m not speaking only for myself here when I say I giggle shyly every time I see a 10th Doctor cosplayer and hope against all odds they’ll grab my hand and ask me to run with them.

4) Captain Jack Sparrow

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I’ve wanted Johnny Depp to be my boyfriend since he was on 21 Jump Street and I was 6-years-old. It sounds gross now that I say it, but it’s true. My obsession with him grew over the years coming to a fever pitch when Disney cast him as tipsy pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. It seems like everyone wants to be the Captain; he’s a favorite for Halloween these days, not just conventions. The great part about cosplaying him is once you put on the jacket, goatee, wig, hat and eyeliner, pretty much anyone can look like Johnny Depp. And that, my friends, can be a very dangerous thing.

3) Wolverine

sexy man Wolverine.jpg


Girls don’t usually dig short guys, but Wolverine is the exception to the rule. His moody, loner thing is almost irresistible especially when you consider how much he cares about the people he really loves. He’s had a few different costumes throughout the years, more being added recently in his X-Men film appearances with Hugh Jackman, but all of them are hot. I also must add that extreme hairiness is not usually a trait women find attractive, but for Wolverine having at least some chest hair is a requirement, bub.

2) Han Solo

sexy man HanSolo.jpg


In my opinion, any guy who replies to an “I love you” with an “I know” is a complete asshole, but that’s not enough to exclude him from a group of the hottest guys to dress up as in nerd culture. A lot of our ideas about romance were founded in childhood upon the relationship between Han and Princess Leia. Maybe that’s why so many of us are screwed up now. Regardless of how obnoxious he could be, Han was crazy sexy and dressing up like him ignites feelings of the kind of fiery romance we all dreamed of back in the day. Or… yesterday.

1) Batman

sexy man Batman.jpg


One of the most recognizable nerd costumes anywhere, many have stepped into Batman’s shoes, few have survived. In Batman and Robin, Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy may have said “There’s something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girls lips,” but don’t wear that version if you know what’s good for you. You may think it’s easy but you can’t just wear Batman, you have to be Batman. I’ve met cosplayers who don’t break character and while odd, it completes the look for him. The only non-hot part about Batman cosplay? No easy access to the goods. Though if you do manage to get through the rubber, leave the mask on. It’s better that way.