6 Great (and 6 Extremely Sad) Halloween Costumes Based on Toys


6) Jem

jem costume.jpg


The entire allure of the Jem concept is that bland ol’ Jerrica Benton
transforms into the “truly outrageous” singer, therefore she is an
ideal Halloween costume for little girls to transform themselves. Also,
it’s totally believable somebody in the music industry would wear a
shirt with their face on it.

5) Pulsar

pulsar costume.jpg


Released as the “Ultimate Man of Adventure” by Mattel in 1977, it’s
really unclear as to what Pulsar’s powers are. However, all of his
internal organs are visible, which will disgust the eldery and those of
the opposite sex. Also, he looks like Ric Flair, which is pretty unsettling on its own. Grossing people out with your costume is far more
important than logic or back story.

4) Catra from She-Ra



Being bad rules, and it’s unfair that girls didn’t get as much
opportunity to be the villain, that’s why Catra makes the list. That
and the only other villain costume we could find from an ’80s toyline
was the Purple Pie Man and well, he’s hardly in the “sexy but badass
minion of Hordak” echelon of cool.

3) Baron Karza from Micronauts

baron karza.jpg


Mego smartly chose to have Marvel comics create the backstory to the
Micronauts toyline; so thanks to Marvel, every kid in the late ’70s knew
that chief villain Baron Karza was a badass of epic proportion, an
immortal dictator with a penchant for horrible genetic experiments. And
thus he made for a damn intimidating costume.

2) Matt Trakker from MASK

matt trakker.jpg


Not to be confused with the movie about Rocky Dennis (which smartly
avoided licensing products), MASK stood for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
and featured a group of seemingly ordinary folks who transformed
themselves and their vehicles to fighting machines to protect against
the forces of Venom (don’t ask me what that stands for).
Seeing as the whole premise of the series was based on disguise, it’s
easily one of the better candidates for a Halloween costume although it
must have been confusing to ask for by name.

1) He-Man and Lion-O (tie)


The choice of these two isn’t merely their overall popularity but also
because of costume quality. Gone are the days of plastering the
characters face on his chest, these costumes gives you nothing but toy
accurate costume goodness complete with rippling muscles, which is good
because most kids are lacking in the abs department.