Man Releases His Own “Prisoner of Azkaban” at Harry Potter Screening

emma watson red.JPG

?From The Smoking Gun:

At approximately 1:10pm, the Bluffton [South Carolina] Police
Department responded to Sea Turtle Cinemas, [responding to a 911 call
about]an individual that was exposing himself in the movie theater.

When officers arrived, they were directed by theater employees to a
projection booth, which was playing a Harry Potter movie.  From this
location, they were able to look into the back row and observe a white
male touching his exposed genitals. Officers then entered the theater
and identified the suspect as Alexander Ofner, 39.  Ofner was arrested
for Indecent Exposure and transported to the Beaufort County Detention
Center to await bond hearing.

I think we can all agree that Emma Watson is ludicrously attractive in the movie, especially in that red dress, but come on. What kid of sad, depraved pervert would masturbate during a kids movie in a public theater?!

[Note to self: Cancel Tron Legacy screening plans in South Carolina] (Via FilmDrunk)