Porn Parody Trifecta: Superman, Wonder Woman, Tron

Don’t worry, everything on this page is SFW, shockingly. The links, not so much.

? Axel Braun, the guy who did his shockingly accurate-to-the-’60s-show Batman porn parody, releases the above trailer for his Superman XXX flick, due in January. It contains Superman saving a plane from crashing, meaning this 80-second trailer has the exact same amount of action as the entirety of Superman Returns. (Via Blastr)

? I’m going to link to the Wonder Woman XXX porn parody trailer, because while it’s technically safe-for-work — no nipples — it is very clearly clips from a porn flick. This one isn’t by Braun or Vivid, which you might be able to tell by the rock bottom production values. No, I don’t know why she’s fighting in Iraq. No, I don’t think it’s a good sign how little Wonder Woman appears in the trailer. Yes, the fake mustaches are a little awesome.

? I’m also going to link to these pics from the Tron porn parody Pron, BECAUSE THEY ARE TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. THEY’RE ON FLESHBOT, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. Honestly, I’m not feeling it. Maybe it’s because I expected more. Maybe it’s because all the guys look like they’re coated in sausage grease. Maybe it’s because even a hardcore pornography based on Tron is less sexually appealing to me than Tron: Legacy. Go figure.