Behold the Deeply Disturbing Majesty of Tron: Jeremy

I find Ron Jeremy as physically repulsing as almost any being on this planet, but this Tron: Jeremy parody is unfortunately too good for me to skip. The ending is especially clever. And it has a girl with large breasts. Who am I to deny you the right to see it?

As for Tron: Legacy, I have been seeing if not reading the reviews, which have ranged from ambivalent to dire. I’m not too worried personally, since I’m giving this movie about three and a half stars just for existing, but who knows if the insane media blitz will counteract all the bad press, box office-wise. However, it’s the only movie I’m looking genuinely forward to seeing in 3-D, so there’s that.

At any rate, I’ll be watching it tomorrow and then instantly driving across the country for the holidays; Chris Cummins will be taking care of you on Monday, and my Tron: Legacy review will probably go up on Tuesday. Maybe Monday, but probably Tuesday. If you guys wanna talk Tron now, feel free to do so in the comments here.