Carrie Fisher Explains the Dark Side of Wearing the Metal Bikini


?You know that thing you did? While looking at pictures of Slave Leia from Return of the Jedi? Carrie Fisher knows about it, and she’s not to pleased. From an interview with LA Weekly:

One thing that made the cut [in the HBO special Wishful Drinking]is some very funny stuff about how the Slave Leia metal bikini from Return of the Jedi made you a sex symbol.

That’s only determinable way after the fact, I think. There’s no
experience that tells you, “Oh, I’m a sex symbol.” Were people coming up
to me and jacking off to me in the streets? No. All of the attention I
ever got was, in a way, freakish. Generally the reaction I would get
was, “Did you know it would be that big of a hit?” Every so often
someone would come up to me and say, “I thought about you every day from
when I was 12 to 22.” But that’s after the fact — they didn’t come up
at the time and say, “I’m thinking about you every day,” i.e., “In
between watching the movies and putting together these spaceship models
that I have, I retire to the bathroom and jack off to you.” I wasn’t
aware of it at the time, and I’m very glad I wasn’t.


It’s gross.

Honestly, I’m a little offended. I never put together a spaceship model in my life — Hasbro’s toys come pre-assembled, for the most part. Plus, who goes to the bathroom to masturbate any more? I find it infinitely easier to imagine pretty much anything when I don’t have a toilet right in front of me.