Porn Industry Successfully Makes Justice League Movie Before Hollywood Does


?I don’t know that this is a huge surprise for anyone, given how Warner Bros. and DC have failed to get their shit together over the last decade, or how the nerd porn industry has taken off in 2010, but it is kind of sad. Certainly, if you had bet me if there would be a porn JL movie before an actual one at any point before 2005, I’d probably have taken it. This porn parody will be made by a new porn studio named Extreme Comixxx (they really missed out not having three x’s in “Extreme”), but the cast should be reasonably familiar to anyone who has ever bought a porn flick in the last 5 years:

The cast [includes]Chanel Preston (Wonder Woman), Rocco Reed (Superman), Evan
Stone (Batman), Scott Lyons (Robin), Barry Scott (Flash), Talin (Green
Lantern), Bill Bailey (Aquaman).  Additionally, the movie features:
Aurora Snow (Cat Woman), Tom Byron (Lex Luthor), Jenna Presley (Lois
Lane), Ron Jeremy (Penguin), Andy San Dimas (Mob Boss), Amber Rayne
(Harley Quinn), Kristina Rose (Zatanna), and Tommy Gunn (the General).

Bleeding Cool has some other pics, which are technically safe for work but really are in no way safe for work, so be warned. Suffice to say, it appears that the male members of the Justice League have a special way to close league meetings, and it requires Wonder Woman be on her knees. Next up, Extreme Comixxx is doing an Avengers porn, so you Marvel-loving porn enthusiasts won’t be left with your dick in your hands (metaphorically speaking [literally speaking, actually].