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Super Teriffic Japanese Thing: Eva Eros 2.0 Ona-Hole


If you’ve been a Topless Roboteer you know that “ona-hole” is more or less the Japanese version of a Fleshlight. They’re tubes stick their dicks to masturbate with, and on the inside they’re generally ribbed or bumpy or vaginal canal-shaped or whatever. Well, except for these new totally unofficial Evangelion Ona-Holes:


?Yes, they are shaped like Rei — not like Rei’s vagina, but like Rei herself. A miniature version. As if you made a full cast of Rei’s body and shrunk it down. And then stuck your dick in it.

I’ve seen a lot of freaky shit from Japan in my time, but this has to be near the top. I cannot fathom why someone would want to imagine fucking… whatever that is. You’re not fucking any semblance of Rei, that’s for sure. You’re not even touching a semblance of Rei. You’re fucking the volume of space she fills up with her physical presence — except a really tiny version. It’s like sticking your dick in the Road Runner-shaped cloud of smoke the Road Runner leaves behind in Looney Tunes cartoons. There’s an Asuka version of course; you can see many more pics at the NSFW site Sankaku Complex. I will say one thing on their behalf, though — they’re almost certainly not $150.