The Doctor Marries His Own Daughter


?In news which should shock and appall Doctor Who fans the world over, the 10th incarnation of the Doctor has announced his engagement to his own daughter. From the Digital Journal:

Tennant and Georgia Moffett, two off the stars of the BBC TV series
Doctor Who, have become engaged and intend to marry in 2012.

Tennant, 39 – best
known for playing the tenth Doctor in the BBC’s long-running
science-fiction drama – and Moffett, 26, have been going out together
since they met on the Doctor Who set in 2008.

Moffett currently holds the distinction of playing two different
companions of the Doctor in the TV series. In 2008, she played the
Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, in a story by Stephen Greenhorn (River City), which was called . . . The Doctor’s Daughter [in which she played the Doctor’s daughter. –Ed.]…

However, her association with the series is stronger than that. She is
the daughter of Peter Davison (who played the fifth Doctor from 1981 to
1984) and Sandra Dickinson (The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). …

According to the Sun, the pair “are making plans to wed on New Year’s Day in 2012”.

So not only is she the fifth Doctor’s actual daughter, she’s the goddamn clone daughter of Tennant’s Doctor! Admittedly, she was a clone grown into adulthood in a few minutes time, but she’s still got two Doctors’ DNA in her, which is like double-incest, or incest squared, or something. Marrying your clone daughter by itself is sick and reprehensible and should only happen in FFFs, marrying your clone daughter who’s also your previous incarnation’s real daughter… that’s just sick, man. Eesh.