TR Contest: Inappropriate Nerdy Pillow Talk


?I’M SO GOING TO REGRET THIS. But ever since it was discussed in the comments earlier this week, I can’t get the idea out of my head; I might as well use it and face the consequences. This week’s contest is Inappropriate Nerdy Pillow Talk, which is to say Horrible, Nerdy Things to Say During Sex. Obviously, there are many, many horrible things to say during sex, which is why these entries all have to be nerdy — direct movie quotes, or series references, or something that should appall your partner, even if he/she is a nerd him/herself.

All I can think of at the moment, personally, is the scene from Scorsese’s After Hours, where Rosanna Arquette tells Griffin Dunne about a guy who screamed “SURRENDER DOROTHY” every time he came, but I wouldn’t count that as quite nerdy enough for this contest (it is awesomely horrible, though).

So have at it. THREE ENTRIES PER PERSON. It doesn’t have to be exclaimed during sex — immediately before or after is fine,
too — but I’m guessing most of you perverts will be choosing the former. You’re welcome to enter a before/during/after set, but it will count as your three entries (but bonus points will be given for doing it well). Note: As usual, BONUS POINTS WILL BE GIVEN FOR SUBTLETY — and points docked for anything too obviously obscene. Clever is the name of the game. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST, Monday, January the 17th. Have a good weekend, folks. Try not to test any of these entries out this weekend.