Fan Fiction Friday: Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong in “You had it coming”


?For two weeks in row, FFF has featured heterosexual sex. This is possibly a record. Of course, last week’s story featured humans, and this week’s stars videogame monkeys, but whatever. Also, this week’s story (by author Dar-PowerForce) is rather long, so let’s get right to it:

Diddy Kong was quite pissed at his friend Dixie Kong, embarrassing him
in his 4th grade class was totally unacceptable. He was going to have
revenge he just didn’t know how yet, she totally made him almost cry in
his class and his ‘supposedly’ girlfriend didn’t even notice or care for
the matter. He sat in Donkey Kong’s cave under his house and was
peeling a banana not even willing to eat its sweet and yet sour
aftertaste. What happened was Diddy was playing catch with his friends
and Dixie asked to join saying she could throw the ball harder. Of
course he didn’t care and gave her the ball as he stood there waiting
for her to throw a crappy throw at him.

Protip: If your banana tastes sour to any degree, there is something terribly wrong with your banana.

“Give me your best shot!” Diddy said with a goofy smirk as Dixie got annoyed.

“Fine!” Dixie then threw the ball up in the air and caught it with her
tail, then she swung around and flung it at Diddy who was hit on his
stomach and fell flat on his ass. “AGH!” Diddy Kong yelled clinching his
stomach as the other boys and Dixie went up to the monkey and started
laughing at the hurt monkey. “I guess I can throw better than
you….Dicky.” Dixie said as the other boys yelled the same thing. “DICKY,

That’s how it all happened as Diddy threw the banana at the rock wall,
and drew a couple of designs into the dirt like sand. “Fucking Dixie….i
mean come on Dick sounds like Dix so…” The monkey shed a tear and swore
he’d treat her bad and have revenge. Donkey Kong was at a party with
Funky Kong and some other apes down at the ‘Banana Republic’ restraunt,
and their forest area was empty so he went and pulled out some
interesting magazines from Donkey’s room earlier.

As the Star Wars Holiday Special has taught us, most large, ape-like creatures enjoy pornography immensely, so it should be no surprise that Donkey Kong has a stash dirty mags. Also, if you think it’s crazy that the author believes that Banana Republic is a restaurant, you have no idea what insanity you’re in for. Press continue to continue…

“Hmph, that’s all girls do anyway, messed things up.” Diddy Kong said
observing the ‘Female Bondage’ page which observed a storyboard through
pictures of a red head girl ape and a man punishing her for something as
his mind really couldn’t make out the fuck he was looking at.

I wonder if Female Bondage readers were perturbed at the sudden inclusion of bestiality in their magazine. Somehow, I imagine they’d be totally unsettled to open up Female Bondage and suddenly see pics of monkeys getting tortured. It’s like when Bob Guccione kept sticking pics of girls pissing in Penthouse, when all the readers just wanted pics of naked girls. Pornographers, please keep your porn on point!

the sex part and by now he understood sex pretty well for his age
looking at so many pornos behind closed doors. He then pulled out his
cock and rubbed it, pulling at its circumcised flesh and rubbing it
upwards and downwards getting into the sensation.

The most disturbing question ever raised by an FFF: WHO CIRCUMCISED THIS MONKEY?

The pages put ideas in
his head, ideas about Dixie and torture.

Yes, a light bulb turned on in the young monkey’s head. Hey, Diddy thought. I can stick a light bulb in her ass.

“Heh, Dixie y’know id have a lot of fun with that!” Diddy said observing
the picture of a guy ripping of cloths pins on her body while she was
tied up, he especially liked the part where another girl comes in in
green latex with dark brown fur.

This could be another monkey in latex, or a human girl wearing some kind of green latex/brown fur outfit. I can’t decide which is more unsettling.

“She looks awesome.” He said as she
grabbed a ball filled with sparkling electricity, and placed it on her
body as the tied up girl he guessed shock rapidly because again it was a
page. He moved his hand up and down on his cock as he pushed up the
piss like feeling from the bottom of the cock upwards to the head, and
pulled it back down as he picked up the pace but he made sure he went
slow otherwise it would feel good. “Maybe Donkey has some of this in
video!” He said as he rushed outside the cave and climbed up the ladder.

No one ever calls orgasming a “piss-like feeling” in fan fics unless the character is new to orgasming, the writer is new to orgasming, or thew writer has only heard about orgasms second-hand. Since Diddy knew exactly where Donkey Kong’s bondage porn is, I’m afraid the answer is one of the latter two options.

He observed the sky and how the sun was three-forths underneath the
horizon and he looked straight up at the black sky and stars and tilted
his head towards the sun as he could see the difference.

It’s a beautiful evening to sexually assault a pre-teen monkey.

Its slowly got
lighter the lower his head went, he then shook his head realizing how
late it was getting and why the heck he was staring at the sunset. He
lit the candles for the front door light. He then opened the wooden door
as he slammed it shut, however there was a observing shadow in the
trees. “Diddy…” The now confirmed female said watching the door slam as
she wondered why Diddy was in the cave for so long. She stepped out the
shadows to reveal herself as Dixie Kong staying out late because her
legal guardians were also at the banana republic, and her babysitter was
obviously too stupid to even notice. She thought about walking in and
apologizing to Diddy Kong or leaving him alone for a while and by that
she means stalking him and observing his every move. “Well he is pretty
mad I guess…..but he kinda did look energetic going to his house….i
thought he saw me when he stood their but I guess not.” Dixie Kong said
as she fought over whether to apologize and hang with him, or leave and
go home. “….Nah I like him more than that…..and ill tell him im sorry
and maybe I can make him some food or something!”

Or something.

Then the female monkey grabbed on a vine and swung to his tree house
where she heard moans, she shrugged and opened the door which caused an
alarm to ring on Diddy Kong’s computer.

Please do not try and force this story to conform to your linear notions of space and time. It will only hurt you if you try.

“Dang he’s home already, it
hasn’t even been two hours let alone 2 days.” Diddy said as immediately
put his computer on sleep and walked into the living room to observer a
curious monkey. “Y-You..” Dixie then turned around and looked at the
monkey. “Hiya Diddy, look im sorry abou-OUCH!” She yelled as Diddy had
thrown a book at her. “Get…” Diddy said already feeling the
pain and humiliation coming back to him as he was seriously ready to
just knock her out. Dixie than tried walking towards him but she
obviously took one step too close as Diddy thought of doing something
seriously wrong.

“You bitch!”

“You what ?!”

But faster than she realized the boy had grabbed her by the arm and
dragged her out the house onto the high porch. “IM SORRY PLEASE DIDDY
LET ME GO ILL NEVER DO IT AG….” Diddy gave her a seriously confusing
glare which could mean 3 things.

Even the author can’t be sure. He’s the conduit, from which this masterpiece is telling itself.

One he wants a real apology or
something better that this, two he cant understand what she was saying,
or three he was seriously angry. Dixie immediately shut up as Diddy
jumped to the bottom. “AHHH!” She yelled as Diddy didn’t even bother
catching her, as he dragged her to the banana cave.

Answer: The banana cave. Question: What is April O’Neil’s vagaina called?

She feared she
ruined a great friendship, and possibly a great relationship as she
feared how hard he’d hurt her. “P-PLEASE DIDDY IM S-SORRY DON’T BE MAD
crying her eyes out as Diddy with a smirk threw her inside the cave and
turned on the lantern with a match and took the matches and closed the
door, leaving Dixie inside the room scared shitless.

I find it deeply unsettling that Dixie instinctively knows she’s going to have the ape raped out of her, even though technically this should be the first sexual assault in Donkey Kong Country. Mostly because it’s extremely poor writing.

…………………………………………………1 hour later……………………….with Dixie………………………………………………

No idea.

Dixie looked around the banana storage room for an exit of some sort as
she couldn’t help but let the tears flow. She did insult a friend with
such a mean insult, ruined his reputation at school and now he will take
his pain out on her and that’s the most scary part.

So, girls, learn your lesson — don’t be mean to boys, or they will rape you. In the banana cave.

‘Dicky….what was I thinking anyways.’ Dixie thought as she looked at the
awkward doodles and that Diddy drew and one involved a heart getting
hit with a ping pong racket…or so it seems. “Symbolizes our
relationship, I smacked his heart right down..” She said with a tear
falling down her cheek as she admired his bad artistic skills. “Why is
there a line inbetween the heart, and why does the heart stretch all the
way down….looks more like a butt, getting hit with a paddle !” She
giggled as she just realized she insulted him again. (That’s what it is
by the way)

When did Diddy Kong draw these pictures? Why did he put them in the banana cave? Why is Dixie talking out loud to herself? Why is Dixie so goddamned stupid as call Diddy Dicky again, out loud, when he’s not there, when that’s what caused all this in the first place? And for fuck’s sake, what the hell does that parenthetical refer to?

“Gosh you have got to stop it..its a heart and its your fault!” She said
blaming herself for Diddy’s own insecurities. “Maybe a kiss might
help….no he might go as far as slapping me if I do that…..i…I cant
believe it…..o-our relationship re-really…over i-isnt it! She said not
really crying but on the verge of tears as Diddy slammed the door open
as he looked like he was crying just a bit. Either that or the redness
on the corners if his eyes are tiredness but it was so unnoticeable it
didn’t really matter in this case as she was about to break down if it
got any worse.

“You…are… “

“Please d-don’t D-Diddy…d-don’t call me th-that…”

Don’t call her “you are”? The hell?

“What….a dork…or whats on your mind.”

Has the author ever heard people talk before? Does he understand how conversations work?


“Tell me or else, I swear you wont come out of this cave unharmed.”

Dixie then got a bit angry and stood up and walked towards the angry
monkey and decided to give him a piece of her mind. “G-Gosh let it
go….s-stop fucking it up.”


?This is like the French new wave cinema of Donkey Kong Country erotic fan fiction. It’s all just totally random bits of dialogue, and it’s up to the audience to decide how to interpret them. My interpretation is that the author is a lunatic.

Diddy by that point had enough and earlier he
founded Donkey Kong’s bondage set on at electronic platform as he was
willing to let her go but now…he was gonna use it. “I…fucked it up….you
BITCH!” Diddy said walking closer as he closed the wooden door and
locked it. “Diddy….why’d you do that…..and YES YOU DO FUCK IT UP.” Dixie
said as she observed Diddy walk over to a box and threw some bananas
off of it. She knew she fucked up, her self pride got to her again.


?Did… did the banana cave have an electric bondage platform in there already? Did Diddy bring it with him? Did Dixie not notice it until just this second?

Diddy then pulled out two handcuffs and walked back over to her, she
then walked back a bit but ran into a pillar. “Eh Diddy w-what are you
doing with those!?” The boy then cornered her and grabbed her arm and
handcuffed her arms behind her. “No DIDDY STOP IT!” She said as she
pushed herself onto him knocking him flat on his ass. She looked down at
the angry monkey whom ignored what she just did and pressed a remote
which caused a platform to rise up from the floor under the bananas.

Eletronic bondage platform, pillars, raising platforms — what was the banana cave used for before it was banana storage? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

Diddy then went down on his knees and placed the cuffs on her ankles,
then she got a bit angry and bent her knees right in his face. Then he
placed his hands on his face. “OW….STUPID BITCH IM GONNA
FUCKING…AAARRRGGHH!” He yelled as it frightened the girl and he pushed
her shoulders down and sat right next to her.

Please not that Dixie is not afraid of being handcuffed in a room WITH AN ELECTRIC BONDAGE PLATFORM but is terrified when Diddy yells “AAARRRGGHH!”

“Wanna banana?” Diddy said with a complete attitude changed as he
wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. She felt conferrable for a second
but didn’t get the catch as she nodded and opened her mouth wide. Then
Diddy forced the banana whole into her mouth, it was kinda weird but she
didn’t mind the hospitality. “Mgh…Diddy are you Ok?” Dixie asked as
Diddy nodded not answering and peeled another banana, he then turned
back to the confused chewing monkey.


?Not only is the author insane, but I feel like I’m going insane just by reading this madness. God help me, NOTHING MAKES ANY SENSE. THIS IS THE WORSE STORY ABOUT A MONKEY SEXUALLY TORTURING ANOTHER MONKEY THAT I’VE EVER READ.

Dixie chewed the banana as the next thing she felt his finger move
against her thigh, Dixie swallowed the banana and looked at him.
“D-Diddy..please don’t touch me like this.” Dixie pleaded as Diddy
slapped her right across the face.

“Im going to have my way with you.” Diddy said as he grabbed her pink
shirt. Dixie then shoved his hands away as the monkey sighed.

“Are you crazy, im not your toy, and I want my pride with me!” Dixie
shouted as Diddy grabbed her and shoved her on the ground, she attempted
to crawl away however the handcuffs kept her intact.


Diddy then
grabbed her leg and pulled her back. “Nah ah, we have more matters to
talk about!” Diddy said as Dixie cried excessively, Diddy only laughed
as he brought her head back to his waist. “Guess what I want you to
do!?” Diddy asked as Dixie could only guess by the fact that his cock
was now in front of her face.


“P-Please don’t!” Dixie begged as Diddy then rubbed his cock on her
face. “Yeah….no, lick it!”



Diddy said as Dixie closed her eyes and stuck
her tongue out. “Lick it or I’ll hit you!” Diddy demanded as she forced
her slimy tongue on his penis.


It didn’t taste like anything and to be
honest it smelled like bananas. “Yeah, now move it up and down!” Dididy
demanded as the unwilling monkey moved her tongue up and down along his


“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff!” Diddy said as the now blushing monkey girl
brought her tongue up and down in the same place which is on the side of
his cock, the nice warm saliva covered that section of his dick. He
felt this and got angry, he grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head
up. He slapped her face quite harshly.


“I will if you lick around the dick!”


Diddy countered as Dixie cried
even more a bit but decided to go with it, she put her head down and
unwillingly licked the head. ‘Oh please don’t pee!’ Dixie thought as she
licked around the head and stuck her tongue on his peehole.

toht face melting.jpg

?Yes, nothing is more arousing than someone using the word “peehole” in any context.

“You are
doing great, whore!” Diddy commented as Dixie blushed at the term
‘whore’. Dixie weirdly kinda liked the dirtiness and started getting
into this licking of the penis thing.

She rubbed her tongue down to his ballsac, her tongue slid right over
the vain and covered it with her warm saliva. “Mhhh.” Diddy moaned as
Dixie now enthusiastically licked his ballsac and sucked then, she then
dragged her warm slimy tongue up his shaft and licked around the head of
his cock. She then kissed the head of his cock and wrapped her lips
around the head of the penis.


“H-Ha you ARE A SLUT I KNEW IT!” Diddy shouted as Dixie realized that
willing sucking his ballsac and head of his cock wasn’t a good idea.
“N-NO IM NOT A SLUT, IM NOT, IM NOT!” Dixie shouted as a voice from the
entrance of the cave began to speak. “You aren’t a slut, but I can make
you into one.” A tiny girl said about the same size as Diddy and Dixie.

A new challenger appears!

“T-Tiny?” Diddy asked as the girl walked towards the group and revealed
herself as Tiny Kong.

Please note that the author, before revealing this new character as Tiny Kong, described her as tiny. That is such awful writing that I want to tear my own head off and throw it down an elevator shaft.

“Woah, you wanna join in?” Diddy asked as the girl
nodded and walked towards the chain cuffed girl, Dixie had absolutely
no Idea why she was even here. “Wha-What are you doing in my boyfriends
cave!?” Dixie demanded as Tiny shrugged.

I had no idea that Tiny Kong existed before this story, so if you’re likewise in the dark, she looks like this:


?If she’s able to appoint sluts in the Donkey Kong Country games, please let me know.

“Well….why cant I, Diddy said it was o.k., and so I can come in!” The
monkey said as she looked down as Diddy’s glistening cock. “I cant
believe you put up with this, I’ve only done sex once but I can teach
her!” Tiny said as she bent down and wrapped her lips around Diddy’s
shaft and pushed her head down on it. His cock was completely in her
mouth, the warmth of her mouth was overwhelming as Tiny shoved her mouth
up and down along his shaft.

“Yeah that’s the stuff, you slut!” Diddy said as Tiny blushed and took
her mouth off his dick, leaving strings of saliva on his cock. “Your
turn!” Tiny said as Dixie who was blushing madly nodded and went down on
him. She got back into her mood again and kissed the top of his saliva
covered dick, she licked around the head for a while and decided to take
the plunge. “That’s right, go down.” Diddy said as Tiny took her hands
and forced her head down on his cock.

In all honesty, being called “Dicky” seems to have worked out remarkably well for Diddy at this point.

“AGRH!” Dixie gagged as Tiny took her head and shoved her head up and
down on his cock, Dixie couldn’t hold up as Tiny knew this and released
her. The little monkey shoved back up and coughed a bit in surprise as
she turned in anger at Tiny, whom raised her hands defensively.



“SORRY!” Tiny shouted as Dixie went back to her work. Diddy then untied
her arms and legs which gave her better access , she gripped the dick
with her hands and wrapped her lips around the head of the cock. “Just
suck it!” Diddy said as he grabbed her head and shoved it down , again
this took her by surprise but she made an effort to blow him instead of
giving up. Tiny observed her cheeks bulge a bit every time Diddy pushed

That makes less than no sense. This story is the square root of -1 of fan fiction. It’s so incomprehensible as to be imaginary, and yet somehow it exists all the same.

“Wait…how come when I did it, it was bad?!” Tiny asked as Dixie blushed
from this but didn’t answer. “Eh simply because she is a bitch, my


?Things only get more traumatizingly awful from here, so take a moment and decide whether you really want to continue. If you choose to continue to the next page, I can’t be held responsible for what you may read.


Diddy said as Tiny looked down at the monkey girl in disbelief,
then she slapped her ass hard.


“Mgh!” Dixie gagged as Tiny looked around the cave and found something
for her to play with. The monkey girl got up and walked to the bondage
set and pulled a box over to Diddy and Dixie. Dixie felt like she needed
air otherwise she would puke, which Diddy wouldnt mind actually since
the squishiness might make this experience better.

Or it might be the worst thing ever.

However he was saving
that for later.

toht face melting.jpg




Dixie then came up and breathed for air, while she was doing that she
rubbed his cock with her hands and squeezed the shaft. “D-Dang, I was
almost there, get back on it.” Diddy said breathing heavily as Dixie
looked at him.

“Y-You are so cruel!” Dixie said as Diddy responded, not buying her cover up.

Diagram this sentence, I fucking dare you

“If th-that’s the way you wanna say ‘more’ than by all means.” Diddy
said as Dixie shook her head and licked the underneath’s of his shaft,
again rubbing the vain and sliding her slimy tongue around his ballsac.

Sometimes, “Y-You are so cruel!” means “I would enjoy continuing to suck on your monkey cock.” Apparently.

“Whatcha got there, Tiny?” Diddy asked as the little girl pulled out a viberator and some nipple cloths pins.


“I need to try the viberator out on myself first!” Tiny said as she
flicked the switch and the ball started to shake rapidly, Tiny then
moved it underneath her dress and on her panties which was covering her

As opposed to her elbow, I guess?

“Hmm, i-it works!” Tiny confirmed as she pushed the ball as far
as possible onto her clit. “Ohh, it feels so goooood!” Tiny said as she
could feel her juices start to shake and boil, her pussy was practically
being tickled and shook to death.

her juices start to shake and boil
her juices start to shake and boil
her juices start to shake and boil
her juices start to shake and boil
her juices start to shake and boi



Dixie was blowing him as she moved her mouth off of it and took her
thumb and rubbed the head of the penis, exposing his cock to the cold

“Dang it!” Diddy shouted as he accidentally came on Dixie’s face, she
didn’t really know what it was or why she should swallow it. “Um….am I
suppose to eat your pee or something, and why is it all white and
gooey?” Dixie asked as Diddy laid back, tired and worn out.

toht face melting.jpg


“Just suck
it up!” Diddy commanded as Dixie looked at him in confusion but licked
up the mess that now laid on his stomach and on his cock.

“Alright, I guess you know what to do…” Dixie said as she licked up the
white goo that laid on the tip of his dick, some rolled down the side of
his penis. Dixie happily licked up the salty and sweet goo from the
head of his dick, Diddy couldn’t take it and by accident he shot out
more cum on her face.

Sure, why not.

“I must be honest, its so cute!” Dixie said as she let his penis shoot
more goo on her face, she even grabbed it and made sure the cum was
blown at her cheeks. Diddy blushed at the comment and let Dixie do her

“Your semen is adorable!”

‘What a great evening!’ He thought as he looked over at Tiny, enjoying
herself. “Oh, oh THAT’S…AH!” Tiny shouted as she then grabbed the rim of
her undies and tried pulling them off fast, she became inpatient and
ripped them off as she placed the viberator back on her pussy which was
now damped in pussy juice.


“Damn!” Diddy said as he looked back down at his own treat, Dixie had
just about licked up all the cum off of his body even though she had a
truck load on his face. Dixie didn’t really know what to do at this
point so she went back to sucking his cock. “Hmm…no, no more its my turn
now Dixie.” Diddy said as the monkey looked at her boyfriend in

“Ok, so what do you do?” Dixie asked as Diddy got up and walked to the box filled with bondage equipment.


Tiny was moaning loudly as the viberator now had direct contact on her
juicy pussy, she increased the power which was too much for her to
handle. “IM CUMMING!” She shouted as she stop clinching her pussy and
let the amount of pussyjuice flow out of her, it bashed the toy in its
amounts and stickiness.


?I swear, this is like watching the English language get raped right in front of me.

“Ohh, yeeesss!” Tiny moaned as the last of her juices flowed out of her
warm pussy. She relaxed for a minute and then crawled over to Diddy who
was torturing Dixie’s pussy. Diddy took some cloths pins and clamped the
on Dixie’s pussylips, he then stretched the lips out far making her
once very small pussy a very large area. “D-Diddy , please don’t s-stick
anything in there!” Dixie begged as Diddy ignored her and released the
cloths pins from her pussylips, her now red lips he licked.

“Wha, Diddy I pee there!” Dixie exclaimed however that didn’t stop the
monkey as he licked greedily in her pink core.

toht face melting.jpg


“It tickles, stop it!”
Dixie said while giggling as the monkey stopped and pulled out his

“Wait for me!” Tiny said as she slowly pushed the double ended dildo up
her pussy, the rubber cock invaded her and weirdly made its way through
her. “Ah, AH!” She loudly moaned as the rubber dick reached it’s limit.
“Oh…there we go!” Tiny said as she walked over to the two other kids.

WHERE DID THE DILDO COME FROM– oh, fuck it. I’m broken.

“I’ll take her pussy, you can have her anus.” Diddy said.

toht face melting.jpg

?I take it back. NOW I’m broken.

“My what?” Dixie said not knowing what anus means. “Your butt.” Tiny said as Dixie went wide eyes.

Diddy then picked Dixie up and hugged her, she hugged back as Diddy
plunged his cock into her pussy, completely breaking her virgin barrier.

But was it damped in pussy juice? did it smell of bananas? Fon’t leave us hanging, Dar-PowerForce!

“AHHH!” Dixie shouted.

“Yep, now you belong to me!” Diddy said as he moved his hips back and
forth, stimulating a tight and warm friction between the two. “Oh my
GOD!” Dixie cried out as she thrusted her hips at the little monkey boy,
she squeezed his cock harshly causing Diddy to pound her even harder.
Tiny then gave two cloths pins to Diddy and walked behind Dixie.

“You know what Im going to do with these right?” Diddy said still hugging the girl and humping the shit out of her.

“Do laundry? Look, after the story so far, nothing is really impossible at this point.”

“WHAT?!” She asked not being able to talk right, the pain and pleasure
was overwhelming. Tiny rubbed the rubber cock inside of her buttcheeks.
“You like that, you’ll love this!” Tiny said as she pushed the rubber
cock inside of her rectum.

“TINY IT DOESN’T GO THERE!” Dixie shouted as Tiny giggled and felt the
rubber dick fit its way into her asshole. “CRAP!” Dixie yelled as Tiny
thrusted into her backdoor, feeling the other end of the dildo push into
her pussy. “Mhh that feels good!” Tiny said as she moved her hips and
smashed her rubber dildo up her asshole.

Wait. What happened to the clothespins?

Diddy was thrusting harder and harder into her pussy, her juices was
covering his cock with her cum. He was moaning as he made out with
Dixie. She rubbed her tongue aggressively in Diddy’s mouth, trying to
lick every inch of anything possible. Diddy then pushed her tongue out
and caressed her tongue as well. Dixie enjoyed this moment and moaned
when Diddy’s hands found their way to her waist, he spreaded her cheeks
open giving Tiny easier access and a more pleasurable feeling.

Seriously, what happened to the clothespins? Were they just a distraction so Tiny could stick a dildo in Dixie’s ass?

“Mhhh, thank you.” Dixie said.

“You are welcome.” Diddy said, a bit proud of himself.

Yes, a kind man spreads his lover’s ass cheeks when a monkey is smashing her ass with a double-dildo. Remember that, gentlemen.

“Well…now that im yours, its ok if I do the work for you.” Dixie said as
she took one hand and grabbed the cloths pins from Diddy’s hands.
“….Dont, im not angry anymore you don’t have too!” Diddy said as he felt
like his cock was ready to blow.

“B-But it f-feels awesome, I h-hope you get angry m-more often!” Dixie
said as Diddy started really hitting her G-spot , and something was
charging in her asshole.

What? A cellphone? A hadouken?

“AHHH!” Dixie yelled as she clamped the
clothspin on her left nipple. It tinted red on impact and left Dixie now
drooling on Diddy’s chest, she was shaking from each thrust as she put
her arm back around him and released her other arm. She then placed the
clothspin on her right nipple which tented red.

Well. At least this plot thread has been tied up.

“AHHH DIDDY I HAVE TO PEE!” She shouted as the greedy monkey grabbed the
cloths pins and pulled them, stretching her nipples. “Crap I GOTTAA
GO!” Dixie shouted as Tiny started crying too. “THAT DID IT!” Tiny
shouted as she came on the rubber cock, flooding her own pussy with her
warm juices. She then pulled out the double ended dildo from Dixie’s
rectum and collapsed on the floor, she slowly pulled out her dildo and
licked the ends of it. She swirled her tongue around the sweet juices,
then she turned it around a licked the dirtiness of her ass on the
dildo. (remember she is like how old she probably cant wipe or be
prepared for anal). Tiny sucked the sweet scat off of the dildo.



toht face melting.jpg




toht face melting.jpg




toht face melting.jpg




toht face melting.jpg

Dear Dar-PowerForce — I hate you more than everyone ever, with the possible exception of Hitler.

“IM PEEEING!” Dixie shouted as she released her juices,.

“ME TOO!” Diddy shouted as their juices filled up in Dixie’s pussy, the
group collapsed on the floor of the cave and was breathing heavily.


“C-Can we do this….tomorrow as well?” Dixie asked.

“S-sure..” Diddy moaned.


BLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAUUUGHH. This only way this could have been more wretched is if the story had been called “Monkey Business.” I need to wash my brain with a bucket of gin and several steel wool pads.