It’s Not Easy Being Green, Nor Is It Easy Being a Monochromatic Intergalactic Space-Cop

As per usual, when DC released its newest straight-to-DVD animated movie All-Star Superman yesterday, it also released the trailer for the next one. In this case it happens to be Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which is more like six separate-but-connected tales of various Green Lanterns, designed to piggyback on the popularity of the live-action movie. A few thoughts:

? Nathan Fillion dos a hell of a good Hal Jordan voice. I kind of wish DC would just use him from now on. I know they won’t, but they should.
? In case you missed the correction in the comments last time, Rowdy Roddy Piper will be voicing Bolphunga, a.k.a. this guy. Not having him voice Guy Gardner is a travesty, my friends. A fucking travesty.
? “Witness the color of will” is the stupidest tagline I’ve seen in some time.
? All that said, from the disparate clips shown here, this looks pretty good. At the very least it won’t have another Hal Jordan origin. Right?
? …right? (Via Comics Alliance)