Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Hentai-Don


?Don is the Japanese word for a rice dish — gyudon is rice with beef unagi-don is rice with eel, etc. As most of you know, hentai means pervert. While you begin to quake in terror, I’ll let Japan Trends explain:

Police have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing student girls’ indoors footwear (uwabaki), adding a touch of dashi, and selling them as “hentai-don” (???).

The suspect is 49 years old and and is said to have stolen around 748
gym shoes and slippers. He apparently simmered the pilfered goods for a
week, before adding them to tamago gohan.
The final pi?ce de r?sistance were bras and swimsuits grated and
sprinkled on top. He sold the “hentai-don” for 850 yen (about US$10).
Even the eggs in the tamago gohan were stolen from the school hens!

Tomago gohan is egg and rice, which I wouldn’t think would go particularly well with used girl’s footwear, boiled or otherwise. Actually, I don’t think shoes, bras or swimsuits would go well with anything, seeing as their fucking clothes and not foodstuffs. Wasn’t the whole point of stealing girls’ apparel to be able to smell them? What possible benefit — perverse or otherwise — does eating them bring? I feel like other perverts are reading about this dude, and going, “That is fucked up, man. And a waste of perfectly good girls’ shoes and underclothes.”