The Justice League Porn Has a Crisis in Infinite Vaginas

Here’s the safe-for-work trailer for the Justice League porn coming out from Extreme Comixxx (man the lack of three x’s in “Extreme” still bugs me). Thoughts:

? What the hell is up with Flash’s ear-lightning-bolt things?
? Why am I disappointed Harley Quinn is wearing her regular costume and not her sluttier Arkham Asylum/City outfits?
? Who is the dude in the black tank top with the sword?
? Why, even though Ron Jeremy is and looks perfect as the penguin, does seeing him in costume make me want to vomit and weep blood?
? Why are only three female characters featured in this trailer? Wouldn’t the trailer be better served showed the other chicks and not Lex Luthor’s enormous head?
? Also, “truth juices”? Really?

Ah well. When io9 premiered the clip, they also had a blurb which, if accurate, means the sexual partnerings include but are not necessarily limited to:

? Batman and Robin and Catwoman
? Wonder Woman and “The General” (is that black tank top guy?)
? The Flash and Mob Boss (she’s a sexy mob boss, at least)
? Superman and Zatanna (huh?)
? Green Lantern and Harley Quinn (also huh?)
? Maybe Lex Luthor and Poison Ivy
? And probably a whole male-Justice League-on-Wonder Woman scene. Whether this is better or worse for WW than complaining about how she wishes her tits were bigger in the upcoming NBC TV show is up for debate.