Dungeons & Dragons & Adorable Love Songs

Want a better nerdy song than that Pok?mon song sung by that totally unknown, unheard of singer, who is still definitely only one individual person, that I posted earlier? You could do more worse than “Dungeons & Dragons” by The Doubleclicks. The video by Brad Jonas is cute, too. Here’s a fun game to play: If you listen to the song and get to the part where the dwarf saves with girl with a levitation spell, and then you get slightly indignant, because dwarves can’t cast magic (at least as of 2nd Edition, right?), but then you like the song so much that you start trying to justify it, like maybe the dwarf had a magic item or maybe a scroll or something, which would totally explain everything… well, let me know, because I’d hate to think I’m the only one. (Via Nerd Bastards)