Fan Fiction Friday: “Jean Grey’s New Formation: Graduated with Honors” by ComicsNix


?Have you guys ever read Mother Night? It’s one of my favorite books by Kurt Vonnegut, who happens to be one of my favorite authors. It’s about an American in Germany in the late 1930s, who’s asked to work as a spy for the Allies. He agrees, of course, and to get into the upper Nazi echelon and get more information to pass on, he becomes a Nazi propagandist, writing inspirational speeches for the Nazi troops in German, exhorting white American soldiers to come over to the Nazi side on the radio, etc. It works and he provides crucial information for Allies… although the rest of the world despises him, of course. It eventually dawns on him that he’s helping the Nazis as much as he’s hindering them; indeed, near the end of the war, a high-ranking Nazi tells him it doesn’t matter if he’s a spy, because he couldn’t possibly have served the Nazis better. The moral of the story is “Be careful what you pretend to be, because in the end, you are what you pretend to be.”

In summary, this is more or less why I’m okay with running ComicsNix stories. Shall we begin?

Hi people, second part at second X Men trilogy (You don’t have to
read the first one, this is a stand alone, but readind the first
one(Dark Phoenix Saga) would be clarifying). Enjoy!

It’s worth pointing out in that the first story is not “Day of reckoning,” where Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine all kill each other, but a different story… where Professor X, Jean Grey, Wolverine and Kitty Pride all kill each other. Welcome to another ComicsNix X-Men fan fic, ladies and gentlemen — hope you survive the experience.

Before I start, I know many of you guys requested “Severus Snape, Professor and Lover,” where Snape fucks the Teletubbies, and are likely disappointed I didn’t choose it. Well, I tried, but honestly, I don’t think there’s any riffing I can do to that story. Honestly, it’s like my Plan 9 from Outer Space — there just nothing I can possibly add to that story to make it funnier, or more insane. Maybe one day, but not today. Now, let’s begin:

Jan Grey had it being just a fighter. She wanted a diploma, but didn’t knew what major choose. So she went to Wolverine:

“Wolverine, I want to graduate. What couse I must do?”

“Jean, will must go with something that pander to your powers.”

“How about Repeatedly Dying and Coming Back to Life 301?” suggested Wolverine.

Jean thought a bit and know what to do.

“Thanks Logan, you are very willing!”

“No problem, Jena, everything for your good” said Logan, looking to her pussy.

“Hey, Wolverine, my tits are up here! And while that’s still incredibly sexist, I’d much rather you stare at those instead.”

went to Harvard and did a test. As she had not studied, she cheated
reading the minds of some professors in the room. She got an A+.

Unfortunately, she was taking the SAT.

said a professor, “You are smart. No one hit all the questions so well.
You can start undergrad next month.” and Jean got very satisfied.

something worries her. Scott. He will not like his woman cleverer. His
womanizing attitutes towards her harm her seek out for new life forms,
interligence and wisdow. She must hide this from him.

Wait. Does Cyclops not want her to get an education, or just not become a Trekkie?

After a month, she picked her schollbag and only told Logan:

“Logan, I go to the university now!”

“Oh Jean, I’m so happy for you, what major do you choose?”

“Atmospheric Sciences!”

Storm’s gonna be pissed.

choice, you will be in the middle of good weather people there!” and
Logan hugged Jean, sharing his composite with her. But someone was
hearing the talk, and was seeing the hug. And was not pleased. But will
wait to see Jean next moves.

Jean arrived at school and saw her
first class. It was a boring explanation about Hadley cells, geostrophic
winds, vorticity and all that fucking stuffed mix and shitting
introductory material no one pays attention that will get proper re
introduction latter in the course…maybe. Jean was trying to absorb the
teacher’s knowlegdges about meteorology, but that was a mistake. The
moment she entered his mind, a jolt of pure mind melting disturbed
grievances kicked her brains, liquefying a dozen of neurons. She stopped
and cried.

Silly Jean Grey! Girls can’t possibly learn anything about science!

“Who was your first day Jean?” asked Logsn the moment she arrived Xavier house.

“Oh Loga, I learned nothing, my head is no use to learn the mysteries of the universe.” she cried with tears in her eyes.

“Jean, get hold of yorself. That was first day. The next ones will be worse.” and he went to chicken to eat a fried kitchen.

It’s lines like these where I become certain ComicsNix is a troll…

Jean thought a bit alone while the shadowy observing figure smille with joyness Jean’s fail atempts at superiory education.

next day Jean went again, and the other day, and the other. The
underrgrad life was so painful to Jean that furuncles grew on her butt.
It was consuming her inner self life, briging donw her desires to
advance academically and creating a pot belly on her. Pimples appeared
on her face and some tooth fell.

…and plot developments like these where I don’t particularly care.

The decay of her persona was so visible
Scott suspected:

“Jean, you are horrible! You looks like a fat pig after being maimed with a turtle
shell!” and Jean cried again.

Only because it reminded her of the pet pig she had as a child, which died when an eagle dropped a turtle on its head. Although in fairness to the eagle, she had named the pig Aeschylus, so it kind of had it coming.

Scott couldn’t understand her probation,
the secret must be not broken. Otherwise, it’s lashing in the pussy,
untill a piece of flesh fall and rot.



She studied the mind of
every inteligent person there, looking for the secret formula of
success, when she found it! After some careful planning, Jean went to
talk to professor Carbringer, the head of all meteorology deepartment.

“Professor, do you have time?”

“Oh Jean, how are you, talk, ’cause my wife is waiting at y shitty house.”

“Professor, it’s just, uhmm, how can I can tell you?”

“Jean, I think I know your problem.”

“You’re a woman. Your brain isn’t designed to learn anything but recipes!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, come to my room.” and she went with him. There professor closed the door from inside.

“Why you close door professor?”

“Oh Jean, dont be so little fool, do you want to graduate?”


close your eyes” and she close. The professor went up a chair, put his
sear dong out of his pants and inserted it inside Jean’s open mouth.

I’m pretty good at deciphering ComicsNix at this point — sadly — but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what he could possibly have intended that ended up as “sear.” Any guesses?

Imediately it grew hard and Jean surprised:

I do enjoy that Jean is not surprised by the sudden penis in her mouth, but only surprised at it growing erect.

“Proffessor! Do you want to rape me?”

“Jean, is not that wath you want?”

“Don’t you want to be raped, even though the very definition of the word precludes it?”

“I’m going to get my diploma?”

and Jean started to suck very hard her master cock. It was very old and
used dick. No real distinctive smell, nor any useful features, just a
regular and boring cock. For Jean, that was so discouraging, because
that professor was very not ambitious. He just wanted a blow job, he
didn’t even cummed inside her mouth. The most wasted fuck that teacher
could ever have in his life. Well, his wife was so prepuceously
dragonish at her bruised face and her downthrooden breasts were so
uncomfortably skinned even a rapist would have a flacid penis for over a
year after ejoying that experience. Jean’s mouth was like his inflated
doll vagina, but moistier and that was enough for him.



Especially for “downthrooden breasts.”

“Okay Jean, you are dismissed, don’t need to watch more classes. Come back next week and pick your diploma with me.”

If I could have gotten my college degree in a week and a half, I would have sucked his cock too. Hell, if anyone can still cancel my student loans, email me and let’s talk oral sex.

teacher.” and Jean went home very happy. She was graduated and had
meteorology knowlegde, because she absorved that knowlegdge from
students minds. But someone was watinig her:

“Jean, where you have been?” asked Scoot.


“Oh Scott! Please, don’t hurt me!”

“Hurt you? Why?”

“Because I frequented college and graduated.”

“What? When? How?”

“You’re a woman! You can’t possibly learn anything!”

“This month, Logan covered me.”

“Why have you hide from me this all?”

“Because you hate knowlegdege girls”

“No Jean, I like, wath madde you think that?”

“I think it was when you said you wanted to beat up Madeleine Albright.”

“You keept looking from the shadows at me, smilling at my fails.”

“But…” but suddenly, a voice appers from the shadows:

“Oh poor Jean Gray, how stupid!”


“Yes, me myself. I cannot permit you to overpass me at this house!”

Oh shit! Storm really is pissed! What a tweest!

“But Storm, ” Jean says “I only got a diploma, not your place!”

“And I didn’t learn anything except how miserable my professor’s marriage is, anyways!”

but will, now you have mind powers, and meteorologyt powers!” and Storm
throws a bolt of extrme lightining at Jean, but Jean now know the
weather, and she dodges it.

I was going to say something about how stupid Storm is to think that getting a degree in something gives you specific superpowers, but then I remembered Storm lives in the Marvel universe. Frankly, plenty of people have gotten powers in far stupider ways.

“Dammn!” cries Storm, throwing another bolt. Jean dodges again, and invoke a tornado.

“Storm! Stop or I’ll have to flush you!”

Jean, I’m the best climateer!” and the two woman throw gust of wind one
another. Flying jets go all over the place, destroying tress, cars and
spreading dog’s shit all over the neighboorhood.

Um, if they’re at the Xavier School, I don’t think that’s dog shit. The only thing that poops in that yard is Beast.

The clothes of the two
girls get shreded by the power of wind and they get completely nude. The
two woman are flying still throwing winds, but the jets pass thru her
vaginas, making they moisturized beause of estimulation.

Yes, Storm and Jean Grey have just conjured a hurricane made out of their vaginal fluids.



Storm the
invokes somethnig: “Sky, get ice over us and kill Jean Gray!” and
hail fall from sky all over the fluing girls. But some hails Jean get
hold, and she test on herself:

“Let’s see the quality of your
little icy toys!” and Jean rubs her vagina with a hail piece. It’s very
cold and her spine get chilled. “Oh Storm, you know how to manufacture
cold sex joy!”

Storm them brags:

“Yeah Jean, it’ the
experience of the older ones.” and Storm aproaches. Jean is still
rubbing her pussy, and Storm invoke snow. The two girls get upside down,
and let some snow flakes land on their pussy.

Are they still fighting? I don’t think they’re still fighting.

“Storm, you are an artist. You really knows how to prepare a pussycicle!

Jean, let us mix flavors and see how they behave under extreme
conditions!” and them Jean and Storm unite their frosty vaginas. The
girls start to rub on another while in the air, making rally good

They better be careful or their twats will stick together like tongues on a cold flagpole. Haven’t they seen A Christmas Story?

Scott is on the ground down there looking his wife cheating
him with Storm, but he doesn’t care. He just pull his pants down and
start to jerk off. Logan join Scott at the masturbation.

Yeah, it sounds gross, but remember they’re already in a vagina hurricane. What’s the harm, really?

some minutes rubbing, the girls feel it coming, their female fluids fall
flaow down their hairy vaginas. It very pleasurable.

“Oh Jean…you have a nice vagina.”

“You too Storm…even if it looks like a old granny head.”



“Old granny head?”

“Yes, the pubic hair is white, it smells like addled propolis and make strange farts thru the vulva.”



“But old lady don’t fart thru the head.”

“Only when they open mouths!” and the girls rested a bit while in the air.



“Hey!” shouted Scott and Logan down there, “Dont stop now, we are almost cumming!”

these boys” said Storm. “Let’s continue!” but when the girls started to
move, they had a very bad surprise. Their vaginas were glued by the
cum, because it was snowying and temperature frosted it.


They tried to
pull off but no use.


The girls started to get nervous and got a nevous


They shaked and moved trying to free themselves, but after so
much abused, both vagina got torn appart by the effort.


Oh god. Oh god.


I… I just shared a thought process with ComicsNix. I am unclean. UNCLEAN

Jean and Storm
severed glued vaginas started to fall to the ground, but before it
reached, Logan grabbed with his mouth and ate.



Well, at least I didn’t guess that.

The cold brought his
feral side to the surface and he was hungry. Scott didn’t like.

Oh, Scott didn’t like that Wolverine ate his girlfriend’s severed, frozen vagina? GO FUCKING FIGURE. And while we’re on the subject, does it really make sense that both vaginas would be ripped off simultaneously? Shouldn’t the weaker hoohah have torn, and then the stronger hoohah stayed in place, with the other hoohah still stuck to it? You know, like a wishbone? Except made of frozen vaginas, of course.

and Storm started to bleed seriouly, and their destryied vaginal
arteries and veins pulsated a shower of blood over Loigan and Scott down
there. The two men fought for some blood, licking the ground to consue
that pure result of two womens love. The girls astarted to fall on the
ground, because lose blood affectedd their fly.

Not the pain of having their vaginas frozen and forcibly removed from their bodies? Just the blood loss? Okay then, just checking. Carry on.

When they fell, Logan went to protect |Jean:

“No Logan, you’re not going to eat Jean this time!”

Sounds like someone read “Day of reckoning.”

“Get off my way Scot! Look to that bloody frosty pussy! So creamy, the perfect yocunt!”

ANSWER: Yocunt. QUESTION: What is the exact opposite of Gogurt?

“No Loga, she is my wife, you fuck Storm!”

Lgan started a fight with Scott. The suffering girls could only look,
because they were nearly finished. But Storm wanted the last dance with
Jean and said with a lugubrious:

“Jean, let us give our last pleasure, to celibate our incontinent love!”

do it in the ass!” said a sad dying Jean and the two girls put their
index fingers on the poop hole of one another. After some pleasurable
initial stimulation, the face of the truth showed t them. They were
anally inexperient, so their fingernails made terrible cuts inside thier
bowles. The anal bleeding was intense, spurting jets of blood on the
snow covered ground. A red pool formed below they and frosted with the

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not particularly experienced with any kind of ass-play, but if jets of blood are shooting out of your anus at any point, I’m pretty sure YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

“Sorry Jean, your anus is rejecting my fondness.”



Storn, don’t get moody…we in this toghter.” and the girls hugged one
another. It started to rain and the water cleaned their impureness.
Scott got mayhened by Logan, but Logan was all burned buy Scott optic
rays. Their penis were skinned, seveered and flacid. They could not cum
to the girls nor fuck them anymore, because Jean and Storm died at this
moment. But they died together, in a ballet of feminility and caressing
that no man could ever understand.

Well, I certainly don’t understand, but I’ve given up trying to understand ComicsNix’s stories a long, long time ago. Which is fine, frankly — the fact that I accidentally guessed even a small portion of what was going on in his mind while reading this story fills me with dread, shame, disgust, and more dread. If you’ll excuse me, I need drill a hole in my skull, stick in a funnel, and pour in the bourbon directly into my cerebellum until I forget today ever happened.