When Batman Fans Are in Taiwan and Have Hired a Prostitute, This Is Where They Go


?You’re looking at the Batman-themed hotel room of the Eden Hotel, situated in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It can be rented for $50 for three hours, in case you think it’s used for anything other than nerd/prostitute business transactions. A few thoughts:

? I think it could use a few more Bat-symbols.
? What the fuck is the Tumbler? Some kind of loveseat?
? That said, they really missed an opportunity by not having the bed be a Batmobile racecar-type bed.
? Of all the ridiculous shit in that room, the framed Batman poster might be the most ridiculous.
? $50 for three hours sounds like a good deal until you realize most nerds who are desperate enough to hire a prostitute would probably last 10 minutes tops.
? Do you think the room designer has ever actually seen a Batman movie, or did he just put “Batman” in Google Image Search? Note: There’s no way he actually picked up a Batman comic.
? If this hotel is at all smart, they have a back closet with Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and other female Bat-costumes somewhere.
? I’m betting they’re smart. (Via Geekologie)