HBO to Tackle American Gods Next?

With positive buzz surrounding HBO’s Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday night (some of it coming from this very site), is the network attempting to snatch up the rights to another beloved nerd property? Fortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding hell yes. Vulture is reporting that HBO is in the initial stages of producing an American Gods series:

HBO is developing Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods for series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The popular 2001 novel
details the adventures of an ex-convict named Shadow, laying out a
battle between two sets of gods. (One set, the traditional spiritual
gods and mythological creatures, is in danger of being supplanted by “a
new set of gods, who reflect America’s preoccupation with technological
advancements and obsessions with media, celebrity, technology and
drugs.”) The project comes from Playtone, Tom Hanks’s production
company, also behind Big Love and Band of Brothers.

Now a development deal doesn’t necessarily mean this will make it to series, so it’s probably best not to get too excited just yet. But the property does have a decent fanbase and enough True Blood-esque crossover appeal to make it worth taking a risk on. Expect to hear much more on this in the coming months. (Especially if Game of Thrones is a success). If you can’t wait, I suppose you’ll have to make do with the above fan-created opening credits sequence. Casting thoughts anyone?