I’m Not Going to Watch Portal 2’s Ending Song, But You Can

After the success of “Still Alive,” there should have been zero doubt in anyone’s mind that Valve would close its Portal sequel with another song penned by Jonathan Coulton. Because they did. It’s called “Want You Gone” and the video for it — and thus the game’s ending — is above. If you don’t mind spoiling yourself, feel free to watch it, but I’m not going to. I’m going to wait so I can experience it in game… which will be quite a while, because I can’t afford the game now and have zero prospects of buying it in the near future. So actually, I’m going to wait until the inevitable fan videos and parodies I’ll need to post to run an even slightly pertinent nerd blog make it impossible for me to not watch it, which should be… oh, tomorrow at 6:05 pm or so.