More (Not-Particularly-Safe-for-Work) Proof We Live in the Best of All Possible Nerd Worlds

This is a video montage of a recent performance by D20 Burlesque, whose members — Luna Chase, Anja Keister, B.B. Heart, Lily Stiches, Dangrrr Doll and Hazel Honeysuckle — put on a show based on role-playing games. Now — if you’re one of those people who doesn’t care for the current nerd burlesque craze, that’s fine, whatever. Just take a take and think about this for a second. Realize the enormity of what happened here: A bunch of attractive girls got together, and willingly took their clothes off to a role-playing game theme.

That’s fucking amazing.

And if you can’t at least appreciate that such a thing happened in your lifetime, then you’re an even more bitter shell of a man than I am. The D20 girls will be doing an H.P. Lovecraft show in the near future; if you think I’m not going to run the living hell out of that, then you have lost too many sanity points.