DVD Day: May 25th, 2011


?? Transformers: The Complete Series
All four seasons on 15 DVDs containing 98 episodes from the saints at Shout Factory. For $60. Just sayin’.

? I Am Number Four
I’d hate to be the alien who was Number Two. God, the other aliens must’ve made fun of him.

? Solaris
The original sci-fi flick on Blu-ray from Criterion. Not the Soderburgh/Clooney one.

? Children’s Hospital: Complete First & Second Seasons
I’ve missed this Rob Corddry-led show on Adult Swim, but plan to rectify that immediately now that the DVDs are out. I’ve heard the show is fantastic; besides, I’ve been forced to watch a great many hospital dramas in my time. Although these guys will have to be pretty fucking awful to be more reprehensible than the people on Private Practice.

? Samurai Champloo: The Complete Series
Also on Blu-ray. This spiritual successor to Cowboy Bebop wasn’t as good as Bebop — how could it be — although episode 15 is one of the most entertaining half-hours of television I’ve ever seen of anything.

? The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town
You know, I didn’t see this new project from the Kids in the Hall either. I feel bad about myself.

? Death Hunter: Werewolves Vs. Vampires
You know what the worst part about hunting death is? All those werewolf-vampire fights that keep getting in your way. It’s like, guys, I’m hunting death here! Can you just let me pass through, please?

? Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos
Apparently this came out last week and I missed it. My utmost apologies to all you Karate Kommando Kadets.

? This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX
The good news: Evan Stone plays Venkman. The bad news: Slimer has a visible penis. The SFW trailer is here, although I can’t imagine any other links from that site are likewise SFW.