Turn Off the Dark’s Reign of Terror Returns on May 12th


?Just when you thought it was safe to perform in the musical theater… Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is back! As the musical’s new producers are happy to tell you, everything’s different and new and totally awesome and now there are no problems whatsoever. From the promo email they sent out:

Order your tickets now and be the first to see the brand-new version of Broadway’s
musical spectacular–with new music, new scenes and a whole new take on the mind-blowing
theatrical adventure. Songwriting superstars Bono & The Edge of U2 have joined forces with a new
team of artists to bring this sensation to even greater heights. Be there.

They had a whole month with which to fix the story, the music, the characters, the ending, the stunts and everything else, so I can’t see how this could possibly go wrong. The new set of preview nights begins on May 12th, and the show really-for-real this time opens on June 14th. My only concern is this: If Bono and the Edge and the new artists are bringing this “sensation” to “greater heights,” doesn’t that just mean the actors are going to fall from those greater heights? Thanks to Evan P. for the tip.