Justice League Intergenderal


?If you have room in your head for one more SDCC story, make it this one: My LA Weekly pal Liz Ohanesian talked to the cosplay group Gender Bent Justice League, which sex-swaps the DC heroes and struts around cons. Interestingly, the girls dressed Superman, Batman and the other guys get the guys’ less revealing costumes, whereas the guys dressed as the female characters like Huntress and Power Girl get as skimpy a costume as most comic superheroines have. I’ve seen these folks around, but it was cool to learn there’s a bit more to it than just regular cosplay — although I imagine most of you will check out the article entirely for the pictures. I won’t discount the appeal of good-looking guys in tiny superheroine-inspired costumes, but for the guys, let’s just say the one DC superhero who doesn’t have a modest outfit is Martian Manhunter, and yes, this Justice League has a lady cosplaying him, too. Yowza.