SDCC: Shocker Toys Gets Their Own Shocker


?Hee hee hee! Shocker Toys — known for making those Indie Spotlight figures, although they’re probably better known for not making them for quite some time, despite many people having pre-ordered them — had their SDCC panel last night. From Bleeding Cool:

Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, Shocker Toys held a panel. Bleeding Cool tagged it as a possibly controversial one.
And so it turned out to be. Because as well as attracting an audience
of fans of the companies toys, it also received a visit from one upset
over allegations of non payment to Shocker Toys creators.

And, possibly a first, one Jim Macquarrie, who has been involved in a
number of cases trying to secure creators’ payment and rights, served
Geoff Beckett of Shocker Toys with court papers.

Jim later posted on Facebook; “Got the pleasure of serving court
papers on a guy who thinks paying his artists is optional. In the middle
of his panel at Comic-Con. Kind of a jerk move, but he’s kind of a jerk

That is just delicious. I’ve heard many people complain about a variety of Shocker Toys business practices over the years, although I think a lot of people do like their toys when they finally get made. But to serve a subpoena to a dude in the middle of his panel? Outstanding. But I wonder of the court papers were SDCC exclusive, or could Shocker have gotten them anywhere? Were they served bagged and boarded? Was the CGC involved? Did Shocker have to carry the papers home in a hilariously over-sized Justice League bag? Oh, the mind boggles.