DVD Day: August 30th, 2011


?? The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season
I have nothing to say about The Vampire Diaries. Nothing at all.

? Spice and Wolf: Season 2
On Blu-ray and DVD. The first season‘s also out on Blu-ray today, if it hadn’t been already.

? The Nightmare Before Christmas
In Blu-ray 3-D. Packed solely with a non-3-D Blu-ray version and the DVD version, because you’ll fucking buy all of it to get that 3-D version, won’t you? Poor bastards.

? The Twilight Zone: Season 5
On Blu-ray. Got nothing to say about this either.

? Herculoids: The Complete Series
I don’t know if this is being released again or it got delayed from the last time I had it in DVD Day, but here it is.

? Red Faction: Origins
A SyFy movie based on the videogame? Starring Ianto from Torchwood? Seeing this is the first I’d heard of thing, I imagine it’s incredibly awful.

? Norwegian Ninja
Based on a true story of political intrigue in Norway, but with a bunch of ninjas added. Frankly, all political thrillers should have ninjas in them.

? Gantz
The incredibly awful and shockingly tame live-action movie of the insanely violent, naughty manga.

? This Ain’t Conan the Barbarian XXX: This Is a Porn Parody
The SFW trailer is here. It looks very much like a porn flick that 1) feels it needs to clearly label itself as a porn parody with a complete sentence in its own title, and 2) contains an error in its own title, as it very much is an X-rated Conan movie, and thus should be titled “This Is Conan the Barbarian XXX.” Which is to say: It looks like shit.