Mystique Sez: It Ain’t Easy Being Blue Either

“Hey, Kermit! Shut the hell up!” … is what X-Men: First Class‘ Jennifer Lawrence might say in the imaginary world where the Muppets team up with the X-Men (fan fic writers, get on that). After all, it might not be easy being green, but Kermit didn’t have to undergo seven hours of full body make-up appliance in order to get green in the first place, unlike Lawrence for her role as Mystique in the latest X-Men flick. Anyways, here’s part of a behind-the-scenes look at the Mystique make-up process, which is likely included on the First Class DVD release next week. It’s pretty interesting to see just how much work went into create Mystique’s skin color and texture, and what Lawrence had to endure just to get it on. It also includes a great deal of Jennifer Lawrence standing around pretty much naked, which is admittedly kind of interesting in its own right. (Via io9)