Nerd Porn Gets Back to Basics (SFW)

There’s been a bevy of nerd porn recently. I don’t mean porn starring nerds, because those are usually just videos of porn stars doing their business while wearing glasses. I mean all the porn parodies of nerd-beloved comics and TV shows andmovies like Batman and Star Wars and Star Trek and so forth. And yet, how many nerds are actually involved in the production of said pornography? Few, if any, I’m guessing.

Which is why I thought it worth telling you about Geek Girls: The Gamers, coming out today from the fine pornographers at New Sensations (the SFW trailer is above). It is nerd porn in the truest sense, in that it stars girls who are nerds — who prove their nerdery by talking about their favorite videogames in some depth — who then have graphic sex on camera (also in some depth. Zing!). I know some of you are already doubting the veracity of these girls’ nerdiness, but watch the video — Misti Dawn’s Legend of Zelda and Xbox tattoos should be proof enough for her, and most of the other girls, if they aren’t real nerds, sure talk a good game.

Now, I assume by the “Geek Girls” nomenclature that is is the first of a series, with “The Gamers” only being the first installment. Honestly, I hope they get the girls from D&D with Porn Stars and make a Geek Girls: The Role-Players next.