TR Contest: Pornographying Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books


?After the news that the Ender’s Game movie had finally sent out a casting call — and remembering that Orson Scott Card is a dangerous lunatic whose absolutely awful views prevent me from ever enjoying any of his works ever again (which, as this will bring up the standard argument, is not a steadfast rule — sometimes art can be separated from its artists, and sometimes it can’t; often it depends on the art and the problem of the artist in question, as well as one’s personal feelings about said issue) — I thought the best thing ever would be if someone made a gay porn parody out Ender’s Game. I brought the topic to Twitter, where we immediately came up with Ender’s End, Rear-Ender’s Game, and Ender’s Gayme, among others.

Well, it was such great fun that I thought it should be this week’s contest, too. So here ’tis: Think up porn parodies for science fiction and fantasy books and/or stories. Now, I’m narrowing it down to nerdy books  because otherwise you guys would go apeshit and I’d have 9 billion entries.

Please note:
? They don’t have to be gay porn parodies, obviously; straight porn parodies will do, as long as the titles are ridiculous/awesome.
? Three entries per person.
? Feel free to include the porn book’s “author” and maybe a main character or two if you want (i.e. “Orson Gott Hard”). It’s not necessary, but it might net you bonus points.
? Anyone entering “Dildo Baggins” will be immediately disqualified.

And that’s that. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on October 3rd, 2011. Oh, one more thing — the Topless Robot Star Command fund is currently at $645 — a mere $355 for getting me and possibly evil Topless Robots in the game. I’m not telling you to donate at the game’s Kickstarter page (and also emailing toplesscomm[email protected] to let them know the donation is for TR) but… no. I am telling you. Do it. Pretty please?